continuous session band "ぎゅう!!!!" (Gyu!!!!) has formed!!!!

new continuous session band “ぎゅう!!!” (Gyu!!!) has formed back in August and they have held their first live on 8/9 at Ikebukuro Blackhole (where they will perform for the rest of their live schedule). They have opened their Twitter on 11/8 where a new visual has been revealed.

Their next live will be on 11/9.

Vo.未羅 (mira) (ex-XIAN (シアン) → Mummy , LIRAIZO (roadie) → UNDEUX)
Gt.武 (take) (ex-VΩID → Kagekui (影喰イ) , DADAROMA (roadie) → Karasu (鴉-カラス-) (support))
Gt.悠 (you) (ex-an:Re (support) → AIOLIN)
Ba.柚希 (yuzuki) (ex-EVLIS (イヴリス) → ONI TO KAGE (オニトカゲ) (support), Suuuicide note (support))
Dr.或 (aru) (ex-[es] → MALISEND → VIRGE)


Aru why :sob:

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So these aren’t nobodies, but what’s the difference between formal band and continuous session band? The expectation to not have formal releases?

Aru left Virge for this?

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yes, in December 2021

I miss You in Aiolin’s new formation, Aurorize, but hopefully this is what he was looking for, assuming his reason for leaving was creative. This is a pretty talented group. I’m expecting it to be interesting.

Session bands usually don’t release anything, i.e. they’ll only perform at concerts

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