Crossfaith new single "God Speed feat. Wargasm" release

Their new single will be released on the 15th May

Source and Teaser

MV will premiere at 8pm JST


ayyyyy LOVE me some Wargasm! I saw they were having fun live with Crossfaith in Japan, curious to hear their combined energies translated to a studio setting. :sunglasses: :fire:

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Music video is now up! Banger alert~


Fun song! Much better than the last single. I tried to pre order the CD on CDJapan but apparently its restricted and unable to be sent to the U.S :face_with_diagonal_mouth:…says the same thing on as well. Thats never happened with their past releases so I wonder why.

is he saying “My dick, my dick, my dick” at the begginning? :open_mouth: this reminds me of the hardcore industrial rock of the 90s. It was metal with an anarchist bump machine :smiley:

Definitely a crossover I never expected. I’m quite big on Wargasm but not overly familiar with Crossfaith. I quite liked this though, this is definitely gonna make me check them out more.

I dare you all to tweet about this song, you will get angry Twitter kid coming after you

Dude got some dedication