Crystal Lake new single "Denial // Rebirth" release

First single with new vocalist, finally.
Let’s see how it will be, i kinda expect them to go more heavy.

And as the tweet says, single will be out 23rd June.


I am cautiously curious :eyes:
Curse was really good and I hope they kinda go with that kind of sound but I didn’t really keep up with their youtube show after its 1st season so I have no idea of John’s vocal style :skull:

Honestly, my only complaint about this is that it’s so short.


They couldn’t have done a better job introducing the new vocalist. I’m floored.


Intro track?

I hope so, since “Rebirth” flashes on the screen before the visuals end

Slight ‘Abyssal Mouth’ by Humanity’s Last Breath vibes with the dynamics. I’m about it

I have been refreshing my “crystal lake rebirth” search on youtube for the past 6 and a half hours and I assume they’ll release the music video later (once the US is closer to changing dates), but the song itself is now out in my timezone and it is :pinched_fingers:
I’ll listen to it again in the morning after I’ve gotten some sleep to fully appreciate it.

No notes. Love this.

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almost step into progcore territory at the end