DÄLLE new 'album': LOLA ZAZA CROWLEY (out now)

DÄLLE finally released their third album, LOLA ZAZA CROWLEY.


  1. envy xanax inferno tendency (3:57)
  2. how to end the world (5:24)
  3. wise blood (4:57)
  4. black substance (3:37)
  5. i sea Dub U (4:19)
  6. Last Landscape (5:34)

It’s available to order here in two editions: CD (2420¥) or CD+DVD (2920¥)

You can watch a preview of the envy xanax inferno tendency MV on their Instagram page!

They’ll also hold a oneman live/release party at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel on March 26th. Tickets available here.

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Sounds really really cool, I’ve liked pretty much everything DALLE has done so far (also never found their IG before lol)

These names though XD

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Wow, really like this… :slightly_smiling_face:

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their new album “LOLA ZAZA CROWLEY” will be released through regular stores at 2021/08/04