DaizyStripper new album FUJIYAMA (2022.08.02)

DaizyStripper will release their 9th full album FUJIYAMA on 2022.08.02.
They announced this at their 15th anniversary on June 5th. Alongside with the release they will hold a tour, an FC only live and instore events.


I wasn’t up-to-date anymore so thanks for sharing these news. Looking forward to their latest album now :heart_eyes_cat:


I didn‘t even think of such an announcement event though I knew it was their 15th anniversary. But I also wasn‘t surprised since it‘s been over 2 years since their last album.


These guys were so prolific back in the day that it’s weird not seeing any releases for such a long time. I’m interested to see how their sound has developed.

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They’ve been throwing out releases like hell in 2011 but there’s not been a year without at least one release.
Last one was a one track single last year in November.

Aside from this the members are involved in other projects even though the main part goes for Kazami and tons of musical involvement (with Mitsu, with Hikarito even though that ended a while ago, with Yuki and more).

how come they only come out with a video/release then disappear for a year or two? Like how do they make money from an already declining industry if they rarely release any thing?

They’ve been releasing two singles since the last album, one in 2021.02 and one 2021.11.
Aside from this they’ve been touring for the album as soon as they could after having to postpone and cancel lives right after the last album due to Covid.
They’ve been touring after this, too, two-man tours with several bands, a one-man tour until yesterday in regard to their 15th anniversary and more lives.
They’ve been doing instores as well when they could do so again.

Alongside with this they have that subscription site and I’ve seen links for this again and again on Twitter, I don’t know how much money the also make out of this.

I think basically it’s a huge combination of little things they’ve been doing throughout the past two years (Mayu also started his fashion brand and releases new stuff every few months). And as mentioned Kazami’s stuff.
And there’s been more but I can’t recall every single activity each of them has been doing (I think there have been few lives Yuugiri also was part of or will be with others).

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Another band that im surprised is still together after all these years. Awesome job guys

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Which’s funny because to me it feels like it’s just been a short period of time since their 10th anniversary. Which means they are a major band for five years by now.

Yea thats odd now that you mention it. Its pretty crazy they survived.

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Somehow yes.
But well their music has a wide variety. I guess that’s part of it.

After some evolvement with their previous album I’m curious what this one will turn out as.

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I didn’t expect any new stuffs of DaizyStripper will be as good as this lead song, it is surprising how they infused the 風弥-Kazami- creation (from 1:44) with the new sound, it’s quite fresh IMO.

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This made me fully sure it’s a Kazami song. Before it were an option and somehow pretty likely but this prove it to me. xDD

However I still have to get used to this song in terms of it starts so differently and then turns into the very regular stuff and I admit I was glad they didn’t stick with that but also went back to how the song begins. I don’t mind these changes in general and I love their general sound but I also love they changes. There had been some with the previous album that’s why I’m not too surprised about the new ones (I rather welcome them) but since it’s been like 2.5 years I’m curious on how the rest of the songs will be (and I hope they’ll finally announce the details soon).

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I know his composing style since Clavier~クラビア~ :heartpulse:

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I first knew DaizyStripper and then Clavier.
But it’s been a good 11 years of listening to them (actually longer but it wasn’t as closely the years before) and it’s so obvious with this. For some songs it ain’t especially for the faster ones but for that kinda songs it’s easy to recognize.
For some others I’m not always sure whether it’s been him or Nao.

Limited edition (4400yen) will include CD (11songs) and DVD including “HATSUYUME” MV an offshot
Regular edition (3300yen) will include cD (11 songs) only

[CD tracklist]

  2. 離れた時に愛は
  3. オカルト
  4. ツンデレ
  5. 音楽が消えた日
  6. 雲灯籠
  7. 白雨、白日夢
  8. 闘うネズミ
  9. push up one’s soul
  11. 御来光
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Also there’s a 3rd version to be released that seemingly only gets produced on pre-order for 15,000 yen.
If I’m not mistaken the OHP states the following:

【豪華絢爛”頂”盤】 (magnificent “crown” edition)
オリジナルスリーブケース [original sleeve case]
トールケース [toll case]
ブックレット16P [booklet 16P]
MV撮影ステージアクリルジオラマスタンドセット [MV shooting stage acryl diorama stand set]

02 離れた時に愛は [hanareta toki ni ai ha]
03 オカルト [OKARUTO]
04 ツンデレ [TSUNDERE]
05 音楽が消えた日 [ongaku ga kieta hi]
06 雲灯籠 [kumo tourou]
07 白雨、白日夢 [hakuu, hakujitsumu]
08 闘うネズミ [tatakau NEZUMI]
09 push up one’s soul
11 御来光 [goraikou]


KISS-014 ¥15,000(TAX IN)

FUJIYAMA (magnificent “crown” edition) only gets sold through DaizyStripper Official Site’s SKIYAKI STORE.

order period: 2022.07.24 4.00 pm - 2022.08.07 11.59 pm
shipping is planned to start from 2022.09.21 on
Zoom online talk event limited to people who buy this edition ist planned

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This album is just great, as expected.

I’ve been going by the previews on iTunes for days but finally got my copy.
I’m surprised by three tracks being written by まゆ and also two by Rei because it’s one by each of them per album and a few more by なお (now 直) and the rest by 風弥. One of the tracks written by まゆ is the SE or what to call it though.
However I’ve not been expecting him to do 「闘うネズミ」 (if you got a copy of your own and didn’t see them announcing this, the way 闘う got written in the booklet is a typo, they said that here) while I’m not surprised about 「白雨、白日夢」 because the latter perfectly fits with most of the other songs he has been writing in the past. There are some that hint toward that style though, I guess it’s I’m just more familiar with the other ones. Anyway that was a nice surprise.

Same goes for Rei, I suspected 「ツンデレ」 could have been written by him. Aside from not even guessing about 「御来光」 after that (because I didn’t expect a second song by him) I would have guessed the latter being written by 風弥. But in the end 風弥 has been writing so many different styles. Aside from some songs straight scream to have been written by him the rest also could have been but not necessarily must have been.

Which I also find is interesting is that まゆ again did write the lyrics for one of the songs (he’s been doing so for 「iro」 on 『INFINITY』, too). It’s something that can happen, all of the members have been providing lyrics in the past but it’s not happening that often anymore and the last times it’s been him.

So just in case you wonder (I always do, especially when it comes to DaizyStripper), here’s the list of composers/lyrics writers:
title - music - lyrics
FUJIYAMA - 風弥 - 夕霧
離れた時に愛は - 風弥 - 夕霧
オカルト - 直 - 夕霧
ツンデレ - Rei - 夕霧
音楽が消えた日 - 風弥 - 夕霧
雲灯篭 - まゆ - /
白雨、白日夢 - まゆ - まゆ
闘うネズミ - まゆ - 夕霧
push up one’s soul - 直 - 夕霧
HATSUYUME - 風弥 - 夕霧
御来光 - Rei - 夕霧

And if someone is interested in that information, 風弥 is stated as Sound Director as well as まゆ is for Cover Design.

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