DaizyStripper new single 「離れた時に愛は」 to be released and new look

DaizyStripper are going to release a new single named 「離れた時に愛は」 (hanareta toki ni ai ha).
There’s no more details to be found yet but they posted a graphic with dates for more information on January 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.


Good! I haven’t heard from them in a while…anyways they look great all in white~

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They’ve been active a lot even with a few lives and instores but aside with lots of other stuff (especially Kazami with Hikarito as Viewon and a while ago also with Mitsu.
But regarding releases it’s been since March since their latest album, that’s true.

I’m so curious, if all these information steps only will be stuff for the single or even another release or something else especially with the last part only being one day before Nao’s birthday.

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Yeah, I knew about the collab with Hikarito from Aiolin, but I didn’t know about an album, i have to catch up on that and I’ll look forward to this new release~

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Yeah and what I meant like he’s been playing some lives also with Hikarito recently.

There’s been the album INFINITY back in March. I highly recommend it.

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Awesome~! I really loved their Infinity album, so looking forward to their new single ^^


The 2nd information part is out.

It’s a teaser of the song.


I really like this vibe of DiazyStripper , reminds me of Clavier~クラビア~ <3

This is very likely to be composed by Kazami anyway just by how it sounds, I guess. So it’s not too surprising (even though not every song he composes for DaizyStripper sounds like Clavier).
But I think all singles had been composed by him. Not fully sure but I think so.

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