DAMILA new single "嘘と轡" release

DAMILA 2nd single “嘘と轡” will be released at 2021/03/10.



One of the best newer bands in my opinion

Not bad I think I’ll keep an eye on them:)

This is sick definitely getting this

ummm I get that nogod haven’t been doing much, but duping their sound entirely with the addition of some tragic pig squeals is so… not hot???

I hope that b-side gets picked up as a theme song for some sort of “good morning, libertarians” TV thing.

Not really a fan of the b-side but that a-side sounds great

The A-side is really good, that I repeated it for so many time!

Live-limited CD 「LIAR GAME」
Release: 2021/03/18

New live-limited single 「ラミア -Radiant Edition-」
Release: 2021/06/28

This is my favorite MEJIBRAY cover band.