Perturbator is one of the biggest in the dark synth/synthwave/cyberpunk scene and his new album “Lustful Sacraments” is coming out this summer. I’m pretty psyched and can’t wait.


Always looking forward to new music from Perturbator. The guy’s a genius!

Carpenter Brut is probably my favourite within the darksynth subgenre. Or in synthwave generally.

I highly recommend the movie Blood Machines too, which is kind of a sequel to their music video Turbo Killer. It’s a visceral movie, and is not as much about plot as everything else, but it’s fucking awesome. Looks and sounds amazing!

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Carpenter Brut is excellent. Just wish he’d make more music. Leather Teeth was good but different than Trilogy.

Blood Machines was pretty good. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was a visual treat. I thought it would have more dialogue and story beats so was expecting more in that department. But I agree, the soundtrack for it is fantastic and it looks beautiful.

Dan Terminus is another fav of mine. He’s got a really unique sound and his music goes hard.

Yeah, Dan Terminus is very good, especially The Wrath of Code. Incredible album.

But there’s an incredible amount of amazing bands. Gost, Mega Drive, Roborg, VHS Glitch, Fixions, Deadlife, Glitch Black, Shredder 1984 and many, many more all have some absolute incredible releases.

Have seen Carpenter Brut (x2), Gost and Dance With the Dead live as well. Been incredible!

Btw, how do I get youtube links to work in here?

All excellent. GosT is my fav personally. Well, before he changed from Blood Music to Century Media anyways. His new stuff just doesn’t hit the same. But S/T to Non Paradisi is stellar. Sad he ditched the mask now in favor of plain old corpse paint.

Seen those guys live as well! And agreed they’re all amazing. Have you had the chance to see Perturbator live yet? He’s got stage presence. And the lights during his show are fantastic.

You should just be able to post the link and it appears automatically. If the video is unlisted or private I think it will only generate as a link (like with what happened above with that Perturbator vid)

I am probably among the minority, but I think Possessor is Gost’s best album. Or at least as good as his two first albums. Such a unique, different and amazing album. And as much as I love corpepain in general, I do agree, but only because the corpse paint looks a bit half-assed. But live he’s amazing. It’s incredible how much energy he can create, despite changing between so many different objects and things to do live.

Not seen Perturbator, as he’s only played at some festivals over here. But I am very keen on seeing him live. Looks absolutely crushing live.

Ah, alright. Yeah, I also got a notice that only a link would appear. But I get it.

You a fan of synthwave in general too, if I remember correctly from MH?

I think it’s definitely as good as the first 2. It just sounds a bit different than that classic GosT sound if you know what I mean. It experimented beyond the sound he’d cultivated up to Non-Paradisi and really pushed the boundary of metal and electronic music. Damn, I think I’ll listen to it tomorrow. I honestly forgot about it and haven’t listened to it in a while.

Yeah, that’s true. He’s a great live performer regardless of his outfit. The addition of a member makes the live a bit more interesting too. Although, I kinda enjoyed the mysterious nature of a face-covered solo artist.

I really hope you get a chance to see him live in a smaller setting. The crowd goes absolutely wild and the music hits hard.

Yeah good memory haha. I haven’t followed the scene really since like 2017, but I still love classic artists like The Midnight, Waveshaper, Robert Parker, FM-84, etc. It got too difficult to follow the surge of artists once the scene exploded. The Midnight is another band that throws amazing lives. Saw them once a few years back and it was one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been too.

Yeah, it’s incredibly different, but I really liked the metal approach to it. You have other bands going for a metal/rock-edge to their darkwave, but none had really done it like Gost did. But I do understand why people don’t like it tbh.

I love me some The Midnight, even though they’re a bit up and down album-wise. But at their best, as with Endless Summer, Days of Thunder and Nocturnal they’re absolutely phenomenal. It’s catchy, highly atmospheric and perfectly captures a sense of nostalgia and positivity, but with a dark edge to it all. They’re also gods at saxophone melodies. Amazing stuff. Haven’t kicked too hard on their recent stuff, but still looking forward to a new album. They played in Norway a few years ago, but I didn’t go because the majority of videos looked kinda iffy and boring. And I wasn’t all that into them at the time, but now I really regret not going.

I forgot how good Possessor was. Love the theme around satanism and, well, possession. Agreed, he went for a more black metal approach and I think that created something very unique. It fit very well with his style too (surprisingly). Tracks like Commandment sound absolutely unholy and punishing. I think the vocals were a dividing factor and they didn’t sit well with most fans when GosT fully embraced it with Valediction. I myself am 50/50. I liked them on Possessor, but it was very hit and miss on Valediction.

Agreed, those 3 albums are solid. Kids isn’t as perfect a listen as those 3, but I think a lot of my favorite tracks are on that EP. I end up singing America 2, Explorers or Lost Boy for days when I listen to them. Monsters was ok, it was good but I don’t think it was on par with their previous works. Definitely their weakest production so far in my book (which isn’t bad considering their track record). For me anyways, I don’t think anyone else has done the synthwave genre quite like The Midnight has. I think FM-84’s Atlas is the only other synthwave album that has a similar feel. And while Gunship is superb, their take is even darker than The Midnight and on the even more stylish side.

The sax player is crazy good. Seeing him play live is a treat. He gets so into it. Hope you get another chance to see them live.

I agree. Most bands where either very lighthearted and nostalgic, or dark and futuristic, but The Midnight kinda manages to merge both the lighthearted nostalgia with the more dark side of things, without being hard or very dark. It’s kinda sombre or something.

I am not a big fan of Gunship at all. Don’t really like them, with the exception of Dark All Day which is fantastic. The video rules as well.

But have they always played live with a saxophonist? I remember watching loads of videos before deciding on going or not when they were here, and I remember being a bit put off by it because it was one guy behind a keyboard/computer rig and a vocalist, but nothing else. Looked static. But it might have been some really old videos or something.

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:open_mouth: Dang, that’s surprising to me. It seems like everyone who follows the synthwave genre have nothing but praise for that band. They’re certainly not my favorite in the scene but I do enjoy them. I haven’t listened to Dark All Day though.

That I do not know. Yeah, maybe they changed their lives up later on but the sax guy was there when I watched them a few years back. It’d definitely be a lot less interesting without him.

I’ve been into Perturbator a lot lately, specially their version of Alcest’s Sapphire. The single for Death of the Soul is already out and is really good!

I was excited to see that collab! Huge fan of Alcest as well.

Agreed! I feel like it’s a good blend of the direction he took with New Model and his classic sound. It even feels like he took some influence from his other band Ruin of Romantics with the black gaze-y guitars near the end. I’m pretty excited to hear the whole thing.