David new album "Hexagramearth -運命の糸と意図-" and new live DVD "Thread of fate and intent -20211012 SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE" release

David repackage album “Hexagramearth -運命の糸と意図-” (Hexagramearth -Unmei no Ito to Ito-) will be released at 2021/12/08 (3850yen)

it will include studio and live retake songs and a bonus track

his new live DVD “Thread of fate and intent -20211012 SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE” will be released at 2021/12/08 (2 types, 2 discs, 7700yen each)

Intent ver. will include a bonus disc with SUI Solo Angle+Joint Artist Angle
Thread ver. will include a bonus disc with Encore


SUI announced a few concerts as well;

12/12 Acoustic live at Hachioji Frances Church (tickets (either actual ones or streaming) are available to people preordering both editions of his new live DVD)
12/13 Tokyo additionnal Hexagramearth oneman live
12/20 Osaka additionnal Hexagramearth oneman live

01/23+24 Two days oneman lives where ALL David songs will be played

04/09 Ikebukuro Oneman marking the start of a new nationwide tour

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David / Hexagramearth -運命の糸と意図-
2.Story Teller
3.Rituals (Hexagramearth Ver)
7.Gothculture -Claustrophobia- (LIVE at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE)
8.Gothculture -Decadent Art- (LIVE at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE)
10.Dresscode (Applause Ver)
12.Immortal Ray
-Bonus Track-
13.Moira (Gothic Unplugged Ver)

This is an interesting sort of repack album tracklist… The bonus tracks and new additions are just… new versions of other songs. So theres no new tracks, per se, just the reworking and live versions of other songs.

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David 2 CDs will be distributed at their live at Tokyo (12/13) and Osaka (12/20)

[Hexagramearth -After the curtain call- tracklist]
1.Hexagramearth -Another-
2.Immortal Ray -a capella- [池袋Black Hole, Tokyo edition]
2.Tarot -a capella- [梅田Zeela, Osaka edition]

Hmm, I’m confused on this again (because I can’t keep anything straight, I guess). The track list posted earlier… is that the CD track list? Or the DVD track list? I see that the Live DVD came out on 12/8, but the repack album actually doesn’t come out until 12/29.

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