DazzlingBad first demotape, "Necrosis Zyanose~ネクロシスチアノーゼ~" limited release

DazzlingBad - under the name ダズリングバッド (DazzlingBad) - will release their first demotape, “Necrosis Zyanose~ネクロシスチアノーゼ~” on “S98”.07.18 for a limited time. QR download codes will be included with the first 2 tracks, with the 3rd track only being available to play on cassette. It will be distributed at their lives, but mail order is currently undecided.

1.ネクロシスチアノーゼ (Necrosis Zyanose)
2.(W.M.A) Darling


every Band creating 90s VK homage alter ego group is an instant legend.


Bro no fucking way😭

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This sounds dope.
There alter ego band already surpasses DazzlingBad by Miles.


the forum is gonna go insane with this

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I appreciate that there’s a lot of throwback Kote bands and alter egos now, but my one and major complaint is that most of them all sound they same and rehash the same set of stereotypcial Kote tracks from the late 90s and early 2ks. Like they cannot think outside the box of what a “typical” trve kult Kote tack is and emuate that to the point it’s just the same old stuff.

That preview song too sounds like everything I’ve already heard from bands that copy early Diru, Madeth or La’mule. At least DazzlingBad used a slightly different guitar tone. But it’s still Karma, Zan and some Madeth song thrown into the mixer.

I see a lot of potential (but doubt this will be more than a time-limited gimmick, so I doubt there will be way more songs). They just need to be a bit more original… which seems sadly impossible for throwback bands and projects to do. But kudos for them to do this and show their respect for the oldschool scene.


this song sample sounds like that diaura alter-ego band covered by IT gurgling in a karaoke tbh


I definitely can say this song/promo is extremely akward cut. Going abruptly to different parts with absolutely no fill in or similar to connect them.


Idk why as soon as i played this i thought “grieva is that you” then i was like oh its this band lol. Interesting i guess but not for me.

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0:25 1:38 @Jugram_Haschwalt get your 怖い-mumble fix hun

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I wish we can listen to the whole thing :tipping_hand_man:

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