DazzlingBAD new look and 5th single "Sanctuary" release

On 2022.05.31 DazzlingBAD will release their new single “Sanctuary” on CD for ¥1,800. They also have a new look:


never thought i’d see the day a vk band sampled “Our God is an Awesome God” lmao

this ain’t bad!!

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Yeah I was surprised as well, it really took me down memory lane…

I like that they’re trying a new sound for this one

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I can’t help but think of Madmans Esprit when I see this lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: they really did that!!!

They get better with every release :purple_heart:

live distributed single, “Canaan” will be released at their oneman live on 7/26

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their ballads are their best works

their live-limited single “Canaan” will be released at their oneman live " The Garden of EDEN" at 2022/07/26 at Ikebukuro EDGE


the single will be only distributed on that date, not on other lives after that oneman.

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Sanctuary is now available on Spotify (and other streaming platforms)