DazzlingBAD new single "Dear" release

DazzlingBAD 8th single “Dear” will be released at 2023/03/06.

2.バイバイ。(Bye Bye.)
3.Dear (instrumental)
4.バイバイ。(Bye Bye.) (instrumental)



Dear feels like a real improvement, I think the singing is way better than in their previous songs.
I also like the way iT changed his look and style for this release.
バイバイ。 sounds promising too but I don’t like the recording of the drums


This band’s longevity is a real mystery. They don’t improve, the mixing is always god awful and they haven’t evolved musically.


it should be a crime calling a track “Dear” and it not being a kote Kei homage.
I needed half of the track to get over the fact that it is no kote Kei homage, but the mastering improved a lot, the drums are not muddied into everything else and now are more clearly parted from the rest.

Now in the second listen this gives quite the vibes of groups like MORRIGAN, I crave something like them for some years now. I definitely get invested into future releases now even with the last ones being disappointments for me.


they deadass look like Madmans Espirt


iT’s makeup and hair artist should get an EMMY, this look is FAYA

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It’s Michele isn’t it?

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I would assume so but haven’t seen an update on her page nor on iT’s so not sure.

That electro synth is annoying but other than that I like it.

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idk how long it’s been here but DazzlingBad also has this mysterious page on their website with a vague spoopy picture with an accompanying spoopy instrumental playing in the background

It’s the secret outro from their first single, hasn’t that been there forever? Anyway this is probably my least favorite from them although I still enjoy it, it looks like it’s somehow related to their last single fear, the artwork is the same just colored differently. The next single will probably be either bear, gear, hear, near, pear, rear, sear, tear, wear, or year.


Thanks, I don’t follow them so I didn’t know

No way those lips are real…

The song is decent.

And the album will be called “Ear” :smiley:

btw, what does FAYA mean? @Jnxxx I’m curious


A edgy way to say fire.


first song of theirs I really dig. you can see iT’s female asian profile, particularly from the distance, when the wisps and clouds of iT’s old weaves are no longer in the picture. iT can talk about essence tbh.

it’s vk… could be as well _ear, xear or ßear

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The single is available on various streaming platforms