DazzlingBAD new single, "fear" release

DazzlingBAD new single, “fear”, will be released on 12/20. Their 2nd anniversary free oneman live will be held on 2/23 at Shibuya Rex.

Tr.1 fear
Tr.2 Viola
Tr.3 fear (instrumental)
Tr.4 Viola (instrumental)


I’m not a fan of iT’s way of singing (you love or hate it :smile:).
But this song doesn’t contain it too much, so its listenable for me :grin:
But melody wise, it feels as one of their best tracks.

Wow this surprised me I didn’t really follow this band that much before. Interesting makes me curious on the b side what it sounds like

it feels like they get in the last tracks more and more in a dir en grey direction and less mejibray, but honestly I found them in their “Mejibray Era” a lot better. They had a very easy and concrete energy while in this they don’t know how to produce it.


Oh, the second track also sounds good.
They really improved mixing iT’s voice as well to give both songs a harmony atmosphere!

Hope the guys continue to grow like this.

The songs themselves are very interesting, a nice blend of current Vk and 2000s throwback sounds. (tbh, their concept reminds me a lot of Ains bands like Grieva. Their new visual in particular could be that of an Ains band).

But I agree that those odd vocals are holding back the song writing. That high pitched helium voice just doesn’t work with their concept (and I say that as a big Aicle. fan). Imo they fit even less well in their early, heavier style than now. But the music still continues to completely overpower iT’s singing - apart from being a bit grating they also end up being too weak against the instrumentals. The crap mixing doesn’t help here either.

So yeah, lots of potential, but also a large room for improvement. I feel I would be all over them and especially for this single if the singing would be different…


Just keep continue to keep an eye on them I would say.

But maybe more people said something about iT’s voice, somehow his voice feels different for this release.

I gonna buy this release and I continue to keep an eye on them as well. If I buy the next release, we’ll see. :blush:

The single is available on digital platforms


The overall song writing is getting worse and so are the vocals, geez, this wasn’t worth the wait.

What do you mean this was definitely their best one so far ._.