DDJ (Deviloof x Dexcore x Jiluka) new collab CD has been released

New collab CD has been released and is available on their webshops

2. Savior(feat 桂佑,Ricko)
3. BLVCK(feat 桂佑,架神)

link to to store (TheBASE from Deviloof)

link to X/twitter

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I am accounting that this release is turning into a yearly thing.

And nothing against those bands, but hear me out

Why not actually cover each other songs for once?
Why not actually write a song that is performed by all three bands?

Be creative boys.


Also… Are they re-using the cover?

they all should do the JVM thing

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Deviloof put the wrong cover lol it should be this:


Looking forward to this. And I’m glad it’s not live distributed

Thanks for that info.
I thought already, they can’t be that lazy. But also wouldn’t have out it beyond me tbh.

You can also order the CD at Dexcore’s and Jiluka’s webshops. They used the right cover. XD
For my personal taste Savior is a downgrade to the original and was sounded much better live, than on CD. Damn and Black are solid recordings.
But I like the concept. Although the suggestion of a real cover or an extra written collaboration song, sounds interesting and would be willing to give it a try. XD