deadman × MUCC twoman live and split single release

So after the “failure” of the mail order sale of the first day (maybe they sold much more than expected)…they are accepting new orders till August 7 via the Maverick Store. Hope all the Mercari and similars scalpers end up eating their copies :joy: Though I saw some ppl already paying 28 K for a signed copy…

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They’ve got the main two tracks on some platforms but I’m guessing it’s regionally locked deadman × MUCC - 産声 / ubugoe

I seriously hate those mfers - the Matenrou Opera live limited single should have been released on other platforms - they gave that CD for free yet those scalpers charged an arm and a leg!

Actually I’d have prefered if they only sold the leftovers from the gig and that’s it (but maybe just because I was lucky enough to order one when they were up haha besides that, good chance for anyone who missed it of course)

Fun little songs. I feel like this deadman song feels more like the old deadman again compared to their recent releases. But that’s probably because the theme of the coupling single seems to be “retro 00s vk”?
And the vocalist switch versions are great too, but would definitely have enjoyed a track with both bands too :frowning:

Come on, leave some chances for the rest :joy:
I though it would be able to buy it via fanicon but then nah and had to hurry up to create the mav store account, etc. By the time I was done I was, OK, its too late, lets buy it tomorrow afterwork but nope :joy: :joy:

Still I find it quite silly put out such a special release and just sell it during one live and a “couple” of leftovers in their shop… sometimes I really dont get why so many VK bands try so hard to not earn money and prefer to “give” those earnings to the scalpers.


Its out now on platforms I think:

The bridge of (Neko to Blanket…) seriously reminded me of BOOWY’s song “Kisetsu Ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru”.

The crossover version (of Neko to Blanket, yorisoi meguriau ubugoe) by Tatsurou is slightly different because he adds choir-like vocals to certain bits of the chorus; in a similar fashion to their cover of Luna Sea’s Dejavu, and many many other MUCC songs (Monroe/Shadan/Isho etc). Honestly thought they were organs at first, but if you isolate them on Audacity, you can clearly hear they’re just vocals.


Ha, I was getting a weird BOOWY vibe on deadman’s track too (not just that part, but one of the vocal parts reminded me of a song off their self-titled album iirc), glad it’s not just me. :smiley: Fantastic job from both bands btw.

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I’m not a Mucc fan but their track damn is JUST GREAT,sung by Maco even more!


Yeah this is a good one, good work!

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Clip of Speed (BUCK-TICK cover) the guys performed as a session towards the end of the live:

(full footage of the song is available to deadman’s fanclub members)


And members of the MUCC fan club!


Hm, I’m a huge deadman fan and not a MUCC fan… but I think the MUCC track is actually better than the deadman one. Must be my aversion to jazzy songwriting.


Yeah, same,Mucc track is more deep and felt!

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A warning is given to @RED99. They knew the rules but still pointed out how to pirate the single. Please respect our rules. Next time it’s not just a warning.

Somebody could recommend a deadman album to go? Ive listened to some of their releases in the past and didn’t find one that caught my attention… maybe I chose the wrong ones to start…so any tip?

which one did you choose to start first?
cause i would recommend No Alternative and their Re-record album “I’m Here”

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I think one was No alternative :joy: Will give it another listen and check Im here too. thanks!

I am here is one of those rare remake albums where just about every song was improved. You can use that as the definitive version of all their classics.

I would also recommend in the direction of sunrise and night light. This is the last album of their original run and the most developed their sound was until their revival.


A bit late, but I think the promo picture was an hommage to the first deadman demo tape. Especially the feet/leg poses seem quite similar.


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