deadman × MUCC twoman live and split single release

deadman and MUCC will hold a special twoman live on 2023/07/28 where they will also first sell their split single titled 産声 (Ubugoe). While the exact tracklist order is not yet known, both bands will feature one song each with the “ubugoe” concept on the CD: deadman’s song will be titled 猫とブランケット、寄り添い巡り逢う産声 (Neko to Blanket, yorisoi meguriau ubugoe) and MUCC’s will be titled 死の産声 (Shi no ubugoe).

The CD will also be sold through mail-order at a later date.


holy fuck

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Whats wrong with Miya trying to look almost like Quasimodo in all his new promo pics from his projects :joy:


it’s no deadman × cali≠gari but ok


Not usually a huge fan of the tall frog man but dayum he rookin’ good here (Mako and aie are so short lol)

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mako’s weave>>>

it’s the kyo influence


So songs about being born and one is about a cat blanket and the other is about the circle of life?

How come Miya’s look seems to irritate so many people/be controversial?

Not a good look to reply after yourself, but I cant stop wondering why people would find his look controversial?

Lol right some reason I always assumed Mako was like, 6 feet tall or something no idea what led me to that conclusion

I’m sure Mako’s somewhat taller than the average Vkei vocalist, it’s just unfortunate that he was placed next to Tatsuro, who’s 6 foot.

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you were away while 99% mucc (and deg) netfans turned into boring het bros

blue hair wash? GAY


I was wondering why people were seemingly upset about this look too. Personally I like it, including the blue hair. I enjoy seeing older bands trying out new styles and hair colors… well, it’s never too late to have fun IMO! I’m looking forward to this collaboration :smiley:

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I still don’t get why his new style became a controversy.
Can someone explain?

Where is this ‘controversy’ coming from? I tried searching on Twitter but haven’t seen anyone talking smack. Also yeah wtf, it’s just a regular stylish-and-reserved look imo…

He looks pretty tall in the endroll live from 2006. I think it must’ve been platform boots or something haha

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  1. 猫とブランケット、寄り添い巡り逢う産声 (Neko to Blanket, Yorisoi Meguriau Ubugoe
    ) / deadman
    02.死の産声 (Shi no Ubugoe) / MUCC
  2. 猫とブランケット、寄り添い巡り逢う産声 (Version 逹瑯)
  3. 死の産声 (Version 眞呼)
  4. 猫とブランケット、寄り添い巡り逢う産声 (Original Karaoke)
  5. 死の産声 (Original Karaoke)

Oooh cool, I was hoping they’d include alternate versions with vocalist switches!

Gonna be interesting to hear.

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¿Seems it will come with some autographied pics too? Dont even want to think how much the resellers are gonna ask for this on :expressionless: