deadman - ブルーベジー (BLUE BADGE) English translation

I have been on an endless hunt for the translation of Deadman’s Blue Badge. I have unable to find it anywhere. I even ended up finding an old live performance that isn’t on YouTube. I found a Spanish translation, unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish :sob:. I thought i found it at one point but I actually found the translation to another song by them called Blue berry which is spelt the same in Japanese. Any help is appreciated!

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So, Blue Berry is a rearranged version of this song. Most of the lyrics you can find if you piece together the translation and romaji. The arrangement is just a bit different, but I was able to piece that together listening to this while looking at the Blue Berry lyrics once or twice. The video having the romaji as well helped.

The bridge around 2:50 is different though. I could take a crack at translating it but anyone with a machine translator could do as good a job or better than me lol. I think one other line shortly before the bridge is different too, but a lot of the material is the same between both songs.

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I know Spanish, I could try a Spanish to English translation

Very rough translation, I’m sure many things got lost in the japanese-spanish-english

I implored over and over again:
“Don’t take away what’s important to me”
Insecure and overshadowed, I screamed until I became dry
I implored over and over again
to the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Sky and consciousness
Searching into the crowd, but I can’t seem to find us
If it’s supposed to be a joke, I’m getting tired of it
A motionless clown
Anyway, even if I try, I couldn’t do a thing
Even so, I’d give anything in my power
Just, don’t take away my beloved*
I don’t need the fruit of knowledge*
You’re sleeping on the sand
The strong wind has disappeared
Always keep your gentle smile
Free yourself from that pain and suffering
The blue flower turns its back to the daylight
I’m looking for you
Hey, where are you? Leaving me behind
Suddenly, the wind took you away, disappearing…

*in japanese he says 恋人, that roughly translate to “Lover”, but lover sounds like a casual relationship to me, so I used beloved insead
*I think it’s referring to the fruit Adam and Even ate in Genesis


Holy cow, coming in clutch. This is cool as hell!

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How did you come up with “badge” though? That would be バッジ while ベジー would be closer to something like “veggie”


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Most of the videos on YouTube say the translation is either Blue badge, blue page and i did find blue veggie at aome point as well. Most say blue badge though so i wasn’t sure what was the most accurate. :expressionless:

Thats so confusing lol

badge would either be バッヂ/バッチ or バッジ (double “ji” sound, bejii would be like saying “budgie”) and page would be ページ (long a in the middle, not a long e at the end). When googling ベジー, the only thing coming up is “veggie” food, not clear if that’s what they meant though, but it’s definitely the most accurate from a linguistic point without context. “Vegeta” from DB is “ベジータ”. “Bezzy” as a name would also be possible.

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