Deathnyann new single "tarantula" release

Single wil come out on the 27th April

Deathnyann is the solo project of Hoshikuma Minami from Wagama Rakia.
Her first song Illumina was written by Paledusk’s guitarist Daidai.

New song is also written by Daidai, I think I saw that on her Instagram.

Thats cool
I think he is supposed to stay as songwriter for the project :thinking: at least that’s how it feels like

I’m also intrigued by her collab with CVLTE at their recent live - Avi said on Insta that ‘it’s not what you’re all thinking but you’ll find out soon enough’ so it would be an interesting twist if that turns out to be a new DEATHNYANN track or something.

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I gotta admit i liked her first song better than this one. Not saying with that its a bad song. Maybe i need to give it some more listens :thinking: