Deborah Arena

Konnichiwa, Hello, Ciao!
This is me Deborah Arena i am a Sweet person, i see the Ghosts, i am LGBT person, i am Bisexual and i love much Japan, i love Japanese Anime, Moi dix Mois, Kazuno, ART CUBE, THE SLUT BANKS, BUCK TICK and MALICE MIZER, i like Japanese Horror Movies, Japanese Food, Japanese Sweets and Japanese History.:tada::+1::heart::kissing_heart:


Hello. Welcome.

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Hello to you and Thank you so much for Welcomed me! :heart::grinning:

Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you so much! :tada::pray::grinning:

buongiorno, queen! so happy to see another MH icon joining us on this forum!

良いζ—₯γ‚’γŠιŽγ”γ—δΈ‹γ•γ„ I hope your poltergeist encounter stories will spook us all

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Buongiorno a te @nekkichi Thank you so much!:heart::kissing_heart: