Decade old Question regarding some obscure Vkei band

Hey People,

When I wrote for the JaME-Branch in my country over a decade ago, one of the chief writers there (great guy by the way) send me a bunch of demo tapes and there is one I just cannot sort anything out about since none of the informations are written in anything other than japanese.

The vocalist of this band somehow reminds me of Lucifer Luscious Violenoué but the pictures do not really match and I think the number of bands she has been part of are rather well-documented online.

Anyway, I thought I’d give it a shot over here, so, does anybody know this or is able to extract any further infos from this?


The title of the demotape is “Miniku CREAM”, by the band ANTIQUE.

Member info:

Seems like the bassist later played in DOREMIDAN for a couple years, but none of the other members went on to do anything too much worthwhile.


Wow, that was very quick! Thank you very much :3

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