Metal percussion industrial unit DER EISENROST has released their new EP “THE LAST” on 2023/03/08 through various streaming sites. The project has been inactive since the end of 2017, with the unfortunate death of key founding member Chu Ishikawa (composer of various soundtracks, among them the cult Tetsuo cyberpunk movies).

I couldn’t find an aggregate link like Tunecore, so here’s a bunch, might not be complete:

Versions of most of these songs were released on old live recordings before. Maybe this will truly be their last EP? In any case, I did not expect any release from them at all so it’s a good surprise. This is my kind of industrial, rhythmic and full of metallic clangs. RIP Ishikawa.

btw they have an official Youtube where they shared a bunch of vintage live vids too!


I didn’t expect anything either…

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Found it! :sunglasses:

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