D'ERLANGER new album "Rosy Moments 4D" release

D’ERLANGER new album (title not yet finalized) will released at 2023 autumn


:sob: I assume it was all recorded before Kyo’s issues or he’s gotten better? :face_holding_back_tears:

Kyo’s been back in full force with the band live for a while now, playing a killer series of retrospective career-spanning lives last autumn, and now they’re gearing up for a good number of gigs this spring/summer too, so I hope it’s safe to say he’s better. :pray:

Can’t wait for the new album!! Even if the last one wasn’t really to my taste, I’m always ready for more D’ER stuff.


Awesome! Hadn’t really paid attention since the whole Danger Crue anniversary where he wasn’t able to sing.

The new album titled “Rosy Moments 4D” will be released on 2023/09/13, in two types: regular CD (with bonus track) and limited CD+DVD (special box packaging, extra booklet).

The bonus DVD of the limited edition will contain live footage from the 2022/12/27 Budokan “V系って知ってる?” event (2 songs) and from the Veats Shibuya gig “SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 -REUNION 15th ANNIVERSARY-” from last autumn (6 songs). The music video of “die fast and Quiet…” (from the last album) will also be included.

The band is currently on tour, and already playing some of the new songs live btw!


New digital single “Bitter Sweet” available for streaming:

Also, here’s the tracklist for the upcoming album:


  1. Longing
  2. Bitter Sweet
  3. le grand bijoux
  4. Missing Piece
  5. what’s yours is mine
  6. Sacrifice Love
  7. Be with Your Love
  8. La Brea
  9. Love Like Blood
  10. 哀撫

Limited bonus DVD
①「V系って知ってる? powered by MAVERICK DC GROUP」(2022.12.27.日本武道館)
・Love me to DEATH

・LULLABY【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #01(2022.09.09)】
・BARA IRO NO JINSEI ~ Johnny B. No Goode【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #02(2022.09.17)】
・dummy blue【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #03(2022.10.14)】
・狂おしい夜について【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #04(2022.10.21)】
・SEX ~ beautiful nightmare【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #05(2022.11.18)】
・SO…【from SADISTICAL PUNK 2022 #06(2022.11.26)】

・die fast and Quiet…(MV)

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just In time. I was starting to listen to them again since I haven’t for some months, I fucking love their music style

Its weird that they released the Bitter Sweet single but not the album on digital platforms…soon maybe.

Yeah, just what I was thinking. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Hopefully soon…