While some might say Deshabillz got absolutely bodied by Laputa in the first round of the ojisan VK Battle, I prefer to take the optimistic perspective that the glass is at least somewhat full—there is indisputable proof that there are at least 8.55 certified Deshabillz Enjoyers here on JRO. Given that these spooky boys are currently active-ish as of this post, I figured this is the perfect time to honor their legacy with a thread.

So, to kick things off: what’s your relationship with Deshabillz? Do you like Shun’s voice?


I have never heard them and never will.

Deshabillz was actually one of the first VK bands I ever owned a physical release of, and I purchased it through LiveJournal… damn, that was a while ago lol.

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I had no idea they were active-ish still. I just remember they had a rerecording come out several years ago.

There was something so mysterious about that cut up version of 'the complete of suicide" I heard way way back.
. . . .or that other song that I seem to not have anymore last time I checked.

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I love their dark aesthetic, their concept, their campy (and super gay) PVs and their music writing - I just can’t with Shun’s weak vocals sometimes. I still listen to their songs, but I remember when I was younger I was letting them stay at the wayside because I just couldn’t get into Shuns croaking. Madeth’s shitty vocals was the limit for me, lol.

I think many people feel the same, that’s probably why they never became as big and beloved outside Japan as many other (similar) bands of their era (and they were surprisingly big in their homeland). Western fans vastly preferred the bands Desha directly influenced.

Lately I have been appreciating them a lot more, mostly for Shi-No’s amazing composing and guitar work and the overall atmosphere of their music, which is just quintessential dark and moody oldschool VK. It’s nice that they are back, but I feel it’s not the same band without Shi-No.


I think he’s tolerable on Shinjuusha, or maybe I tolerate it because I like the album artwork. From then on out I feel he got a little too confident in his ability.

But yeah, I absolutely agree with Shi-No being their MVP. The songwriting and instrumentals usually make up for Shun.

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Shun rules

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One of the best VK tracks ever. Used to be absolutely obsessed with this one when I was in high school.