DEVIANT new album "Gallows" release

An album is coming.


That’s great for them.

Also in my opinion this should be a new post.

Can’t wait to see the album


Where buy It?

btw Ba.Reoto, who joined in September, is ex-DEVIZE

[tracklist (order not finalized)]


I hope this goes on the shop because I want this band to survive so buying from them should help but man they’re having trouble getting people to show up and retaining. It seems gya aren’t happy about a woman cosplaying as a man in a visual Kei band and she’s also getting hate from the Japanese cosplay community for being vk. Craziness. Oh wait they don’t even have a store yet. Ugh.


that’s bullshit, probably gonna get this bootleg Gazette album just to spite them. we need moar women in vk!!!


??? why? is there some sort of feuds between anime fans and vk fans?

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Vk is looked down on from even Otaku apparently and the fact she cosplays lord Ruki doesn’t help matters so she gets hate from three different sides.

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because it’s either too feminime, manly, and too good looking? in addition to sounding too f@gg* edgy, and pretentious compared to the more mainstream j-rock an j-metal sound? at least from the crazy otaku male perspective. i imagine the female side (otaku’s and cosplayers alike) will at least a little bit interested in vk.

lemme guess.

  • The afromention Otaku guys (that possibly an insecure, ugly overweight/underweight incel)
  • The general vk gya that possibly didn’t like the idea of female bandonnanoko (i’d like to imagine the general reception to existrace back in the day)
  • And lastly. some Gazette-gya (i always heard that gazette fangirls on tumblr are the worst, but is it true?)

Edit: actually. now that I think about it, you said

Cosplay community

and not


Assuming that the hate comes from the female side (other than being a vk stans themselves) why tf would female cosplayers hate vk? that’s also assuming that the hate comes from Japanese cosplay community. (that some would easily surpass her in the looks department)

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so like same hoes running down harajuku in pvc boots in 2002 acting like they were runaway freewill roadies and mana-sama twins in full drag?..

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Is that even confirmed that she’s a female?

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How would that ever actually be confirmed? Most people not to mention musicians don’t delve into their gender or orientation and shit. She could very well be non binary but THEY are a biological woman that cosplays as Ruki and performs music. That’s what matters to people apparently.

I was asking, how do you know this?

Besides what I said I have eyes and ears and coming from a joshi background there’s plenty of masculine featured Japanese women who look just like her. She is a gya or at least former gya so people who exactly who she is.

So it’s just speculation then.

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Did this ever get an official release date or update?

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thats nice preview in July… the album is coming finally (?)

Se podrá comprar en CD?