Deviloof Dr.Kanta diagnosed with dystonia

Deviloof has announced that drummer Kanta has been diagnosed with occupational dystonia and has underwent brain surgery for treatment on January 20. If you remember, this is the same disorder that Yusuke had a couple of years back which led him to leave Dadaroma.

Kanta first complained about abnormalities in his left foot in the fall of 2020, such as not moving as expected or moving unintentionally. The surgery was successful and he is currently in rehabilitation and will be released by the end of this month. The doctor also says that he will recover and will resume drumming.


— DEVILOOF (@_Deviloof_) January 23, 2021

Ok this is officially the worst start to the year, first Jigsaw’s guitarist Maru and now Kanta. Hope both can recover well and their bandmates accompany them in their process.

Fuck, I mean at least this is looking optimistic at the moment. I hope he takes his time before trying to return - even just to the studio. That will be a triumphant return for sure though!

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What’s on with drummers having dystonia? Is there any relation?

He overuses his feet wildly, not surprising.

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Well I’m glad the surgery went well, hopefully same goes for his rehabilitation and that he takes his time to recover :slight_smile:

If I’ve learned anything from Spinal Tap, it’s that being a drummer is the most dangerous position in the band.

Jokes aside, overplaying just about any instrument can mess you up badly. Be careful, guys.

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I’m ignorant on this disease. Does it have any chance of coming back?


Hope he doesn’t run into any more problems