Dexcore - bassist and drummer leave the band

Bassist Kai is leaving because of health issues and Drummer Reizi wants to pursue a path outside of music. (He has a offer for something and it will be difficult to continue the band at the same time)
If i got that right.

They will leave after the 27th December.


There’s just no way… Again!!!

there won’t be a better time to bring Naoki back :lips::lipstick::kiss: I also lowkey want them to re:visualize their sound a tad, back to the imitation level.


Bassist won’t be hard to replace and get a support drummer. The new core will live on.

At least their guitarist didn’t leave :confused:


Kai is my favorite member, but Toru could come back and they get one of 100 support drummers around or they go on hiatus ala DEATHGAZE and Kagami focuses on CBO or even starts a solo project.

Wow, I’m seriously shocked!
I didn’t see that coming, especially after they already announced their festival for february…

They seem to have trouble hanging on to members…

Well, DEXCORE today is more of a Kagami’s solo project than a real band :confused:

Doesn’t yumeto compose for dexcore?

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He does, and they’re pretty good.

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Hopefully it really doesn’t have to deal with the fact that Kagami is in like 10 different bands

DEXCORE Ba.会-kai- & Dr.伶司-reizi- will depart at 2022/12/27 after their live at Nagoya ElectricLadyLand

This seems very sudden. At their one man last week Kagami said he would never give up on Dexcore but I certainly wasn’t expecting them to lose members this year.

That said he has always handled most of the composition (although Yumeto writes some of their songs these days too) so I don’t expect a huge change in their sound.

I’m not sure what Naoki’s up to these days but Toru is their roadie now so I don’t think he will rejoin the band, although perhaps he could step in as support for a while.

I often see Naoki doing support for a shit ton of other bands right now. Don’t really see him going back to Dexcore.

ffs. just take 3 days off for a family trip and this is what i’ve been greeted to? fucking hell man… :cry:


Anyone have Kagami’s letter translated, that he put on IG?

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I’ve just spent the last month finally becoming obsessed with these guys and I have this to worry about? Not cool.


Yeee, he also does some personal Lofi shit. U heard anxiety? It’s some really lit emo trap shit. I’d say the snare drums are really mid for a trap song but everything else to me besides the vocal mix is on FLEEK :fire::fire::fire:

Ahaha mood.

Life is cruel, my fren

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