Dexcore's bassist -to-ru- to leave

It was announced today, December 28th that Dexcore’s bassist -to-ru- left the band after their live “CLOSE TO HAPPINESS 2020 limited.40min×4MAN”. No reason where stated as to why he left (so far).

Here’s the translated message he left for the fans :

"Thank you sincerely for always supporting DEXCORE.

We have the regret to announce the withdrawal of DEXCORE’s bassist, -to-ru-.
We express our sincere apologies for such a sudden announcement to fans who keep supporting us.

The band will continue its activities with the current lineup until the December 28 show.
to-ru- will leave DEXCORE after the show, therefore we beg for your attention until the end.

This situation may be very worrying to all of you, but DEXCORE will keep going and reach you as always with beautiful songs. We ask for your support from now on, for DEXCORE as well as for -to-ru-."

Credits :

They had both a rough and awesome year. With Naoki leaving earlier, then their full-length album and now this. I wish them the best of luck. They really are one of the greater groups out there right now and i’m sure they can find a replacement bassist quickly.


Sucks that this follows that album which was so good, hope it isnt too much of a hold up :frowning:

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Kagami is now the sole original member. I wonder if he’s hard to get along with.

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