DEZERT new maxi-single "The Walker" release

DEZERT new maxi-single “The Walker” will be released at 2022/10/12 (2 types)

Limited edition (2750yen) will include CD (3 songs + inst) and DVD
Regular edition (1650yen) will include CD (3 songs + inst) only

[CD tracklist]

  1. The Walker
  2. あの風の向こうへ (Ano Kaze no Mukou e)
  3. モンテーニュの黒い朝食 (Montaigne no Kuroi Choushoku)
  4. The Walker (instrumental)
  5. あの風の向こうへ (Ano Kaze no Mukou e) (instrumental)
  6. モンテーニュの黒い朝食 (Montaigne no Kuroi Choushoku) (instrumental)

[DVD tracklist] * limited edition only
The Walker Music Video -Director’s Cut ver-
The Walker Music Video -Behind the Scenes-
「神経と重力」Live Video at 日本武道館 (JACK IN THE BOX 2021)


Premiere in 46 hours:


Do we think this is the “new CD (type and title not yet finalized)” due to be released in autumn? Was hoping for a new album. This is a great tune though

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mediocre at best

at least the walker is a banger

Their latest single has been released on digital platforms:

You can also purchase it digitally here:

The instrumental tracks are only available on the CD release.

Sorry to all fans but The Walker sounds kind of generic :roll_eyes: