DEZERT new mini-album "RAINBOW" release

DEZERT will release a new mini-album “RAINBOW” (2 types) on 2021/07/21.

Limited Edition [レイ盤] (2CD + DVD) 5,500 yen

Regular Edition [ンボウ盤] (CD) 2,750 yen


  1. デザートの楽しいマーチ
  2. Your Song
  3. カメレオン
  4. あなたのそばにいる
  5. 殺されちゃう
  6. ミザリィレインボウ
  7. 脳みそが腐る

Chiaki’s vocal is so charming.



Yes, it’s weird that they named the types “Reiban” (レイ盤) and “Nnbouban” (ンボウ盤) instead of “レイン盤” and “ボウ盤”.

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It’s the word “Rainbow” separated. And my guess as to why it was split that way is because “rain” and “bow” are both nouns in separated and they might have wanted to avoid confusion (‘why is this the bow version when it doesn’t have a bow?’), but that’s just conjecture.


I came in short on patience for this but I was actually won over pretty well by the time the chorus came around a second time, this is very nice <3

ain’t half bad comparing to their recent output

pretty catchy, kinda reminds me of their cool poppy-ish stuff like TODAY or pictogramsan

This songs on fire! nice one!!

very new DEZERT. Generic and mediocre

The bassist still gets me, lol.
As for the song, it’s a decent loud rock anthem. Guess VK stopped paying the bills a while back.

Can these be the old DEZERT sound Please ? :sob:

I am really not interested in their recent works… I mean after 2017 single 撲殺ヒーロー, they sounded really bored.

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It’s gonna be a banger, love all the previews.

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Agree, finally some heavier stuffs from the recent DEZERT !!