Didnt listen to JROCK about 10 years

Hello guys
Didnt listen to this wonderful music for almost 10 years (except my old playlists)
Whats new in JROCK?

Throw some actual bands/mvs/albums

Just to let you now, my faves groups (in terms of sound) was:
Deluhi, Girugamesh, Gackt, LM.C, lolita23q, Matenrou Opera, Signal, Sadie, SuG, the Gazette



A lot had honestly changed in the past 10 years. Going off your favorites you listed, I’d recommend the early works of newcomers like Nocturnal Bloodlust, Mejibray and Dexcore. Also, the GazettE are still active if you want to check out their new stuff. It’s not bad but it’s still GazettE.


Welcome to the forum.
And welcome back to JRock and VK.

I think half the bands you have there are disbanded and Gackt makes more sex-tutorials nowadays than music. LM.C are still active but no one seems to care about them anymore (at least i barley see posts about them, but maybe because of corona)

I am so free and will add some MVs, after all you asked.

I havent come across people that really dislike XaaXaa, so

Kizu are quite popular too

And this one is Zigzag

You can listen… you can ignore them too. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve a playlist of my current favorites new releases (V系) 2020/2021:

You might find some nice songs there😊

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disbanded already

still active

disbanded already

the band got just cringe

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