DIMLIM new song Spring 2021

i’m sorry for asking a dumb question & causing trouble, please don’t argue w/ nekkichi for my sake, or anyone who points out bandmens’ use of slurs to aloof people like me

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Reminder that we’re not on twitter, so please keep the discussion on topic and avoid name-calling and throwing around buzzwords. This is about DIMLIM and Lets’s dumb antics. There’s been a million discussions on nazi symbolism in VK, so please have a look at the following links| 2 rather than digging up that old nugget again. Keep it civil, folx. Thank you.


treat this as an opportunity to get an idea of the state of their net fanbase at the moment.

their legacy stans have been done with this mess shortly after they downsized to a threeman act.

Okay so I’m not a Retsu fan, quite the opposite but I do want to defend that promo they made where they used a homophobic slur. It…SHOULD be obvious to all viewers, but I guess not? That the words that were flashing during that promo were typical insults/bullying terms that people put up with. They weren’t directing these words to other people, they were listing slurs people get called when being teased. This in no way means Retsu uses this word to bully others. I really don’t see how that could get misinterpreted. Listing all the things you’ve been called while bullied is something a lot of artists do in songs.

Also I know why he got suspended, it’s a stupid reason I won’t post here, but it’s not because of what’s been written here or anything shocking.


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No I can’t name FIVE but I know Placebo used a lot of slurs like that ironically in their song, starting with “Nancy Boy” yet they’re all gay/bi.

I also couldn’t say who but I remember a powerful music video of people holding signs of the shit they used to be called by their bullies. It’s pretty common imagery but let’s say it’s never been done before it’s still obvious that’s the context it’s being used. To be reclaimed, it’s not directed toward anyone in a malicious tone. You have to be really tone deaf not to get it. Please don’t make me defend Retsu anymore FFS lol.


Let’s stay on topic y’all.

If there is anything else that needed to be discussed that’s not related to any news update, feel free to do so in the DIMLIM topic, to keep everything more organized.


idk what’s going on but that gallo cover lookin like a chanel perfume sample paper lol