DIMLIM new song Spring 2021

At the end of their 2021.01.09 live stream, DIMLIM announced they’re releasing a new song (presumably a single) sometime in Spring 2021. No further information is available at this time.


MISC is so great and so progressive,
I hope they will follow the MISC style,
Anyway, I am so hyped for their new song!


New visual, if you could call it that:


I find it super ironic Visunavi is reporting about this. They have to be internally pissed about it.


Are they even Visual Kei anymore?

No. Dats da joke.

During the stream there were comments from people hoping they’d play at least one old song, met with replies of “people need to realize they aren’t visual kei anymore.” As if you need to be VK to play fucking Shigarami or Grotesque.


Is it distasteful? It seems pretty in line with what they’re trying to do. The first part of that sentence and the second part don’t seem to agree with each other. Haha

What I’m trying to wonder is what fanbase they’re hoping to gain? Because all I’ve heard is that there are dedicated fans who don’t care about the visuals and sound change, and there are those that aren’t too happy but are still following in case something changes again.

I haven’t heard anything about these brand new fans that would hate pre-MISC so much that it justifies not touching anything from before that. It’s cutting off the nose to spite the face.

I can understand not wanting to touch pre-Chedoara, because of the falling out with Issei, but this is twice now that Retsu’s done this. Will they declare MISC and it’s sound to be “dead” again next year, and release an arena rock album? Who knows?


My guess is this is the sound we’re stuck with as long as the band stays a three piece. There’s really no point in going for a full bodied or heavy sound with one guitarist. They need a bassist at least, but they probably can’t afford to have someone else on payroll.

Just remember there were fans that enthusiastically followed that post-Mejibray thing. What was it? 8P-SB?

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Just remember there were fans that enthusiastically followed that post-Mejibray thing. What was it? 8P-SB?

<font size="1"> they had a couple good songs... </font>

Sadder still were the fans that enthusiastically thought that Mejibray was getting back together, original line up and all.

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The new look is juvenile as fuck. They look like they’re twelve.

But at least it’s just one song this time around. One problem with their previous record was that it felt like they forced themselves to make a full length album as fast as possible, just to convince everyone they’re still viable. But as a result, most of the songs turned out undercooked and sub-par. Hopefully this one gets enough time to mature.


I saw dimlim official twitter liked visunavi’s post about it but did not like all other, non visual outlets so I was confused lol

They’ll pull a Bring me the Horizon by going poppier for an album, then going off the rails with avant-garde shit again.

They are planning to go full 8P-SB lol

I don´t mind the genre as long as it´s not boring like 2/3 of MISC.

So long as they don’t sound like chipmunks…

I mean I feel like they should be able to do what they want and all but seeing their new look makes me think of if after Antichrist Superstar instead of becoming a naked alien with tits Marilyn Manson decided to get a buzz cut and wear blue jeans… It just doesn’t feel right.


The music, the look, the misinformation (however innocent), the lack of bassist, the erasure of the past… None of this feels right.

At this point, CHEDOARA seems like a fluke.


Imagine how confusing it must be for someone to stumble across Dimlim on Spotify and go from Chedoara to MISC.

Like when I first heard What’s Up? I was like okay… we’re doing the jangly alt-math rock thing now. But no, that’s literally the only song on the album that sounds like that.

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