DIMLIM oneman live -Let's talk about the essence- May 8th

DIMLIM will do their oneman show -Let’s talk about the essence- at May 8th at Shibuya WOMB.
Tickets get sold from April 13th on.


I was just thinking about them in the shower this morning, wondering if they were just going to call it quits after all.


Is it just going to be another pre-recorded performance of MISC played from front to back?

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~essence~ again I see

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Hope someone will be able to attend and proper live ESSNENCE post the event.
I see tickets are 4000 JPY, is that normal for indies bands?

Maybe I’ll go.

And ¥3500 or ¥4000 is a pretty standard price.
Either for a taiban (short performances of multiple bands) or a oneman.

I paid about ¥6000 for Kizu’s upcoming oneman pre-order ticket. Non-pre-order was ¥5000

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I guess it’s a replacement for the one that they wanted to do last year. That was planned for May, too and also for Shibuya WOMB. Just the titles for the lives differ.
So yeah, MISC. is very likely.