DIMLIM special instagram live 2021.01.16

Seems like DIMLIM will be doing an event at instagram.

According to the text it seems like some kinda livestream with just talking but the pics from the stage confuse me so I really don’t get what they’re coming up with this time.

The event will take place on 2021.01.16 7.00 pm Japan time.

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My guess is they’ll be talking about the “live” they just streamed, given that image is pulled from that.

Yeah, this is confusing. It could be a discussion with questions from chat about that show and the future of DIMLIM…

… or, they could simply be restreaming the exact same ‘live’ performance they showed yesterday on Youtube. “Let’s talk together” may simply be referring to the live chat on the side. Wouldn’t put it past them to have another translation error like that after the ‘Youtube Premium’ debacle.


They’re gonna talk some more about the essence, I see


The text said they will chat with everyone while watching the live.

A. Unsure how that will work sound and logistically wise? Playing softly in the background or 4 mins of them watching themselves, pausing then talking…?

B. Being it’s Instagram and not Twitcasting I foresee 70 percent of the comments in English, 20 percent in Portuguese with some Russian and Spanish peppered in and the rest Japanese so without an interpreter for either side it should be interesting if they are planning it Q&A style.

I doubt they thought it through this far, though. I anticipate a lot of awkward Essence especially when Let’s is the only English speaker and I say that loosely :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Doing it at 7pm is kinda dumb…9pm they would have gotten way more Japanese viewers. People still at work at 7pm in Japan, since their audience is no longer bandgya they need to accomodate the salarymen they are now pulling in…though I guess it’s a Saturday many people still work.

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Nah it said talk session with all three members.

If they are planning to do this as a Q&A it will be a total mess lol


It’s possible they will just talk amongst themselves or have prepared questions like the youtube QQQ thing, I guess? It just said we plan to have a talk session while watching the live at the same time which sounds like a mess regardless. We shall see!

My guess is the talk will be like all Japanese television these days, where something plays in the foreground and we get talking heads in the corner.

if its really a q&a their best method of doing this is asking on twitter/ig/fb for questions ahead of time so they can be organized when it actually comes to the day and not try to filter live chat where its possible a decent percentage of it will just be people trolling/flaming them

Oh god … why did I not think of that? The trolls are going to come out in droves. I don’t have instagram, but I need to know how this goes down.


You think so? Do they have trolls??

ETA: New statement says it will just be them talking over the live as it plays, but you have to view the live on Youtube WHILE listening to their additional talk on Instagram? Sounds super convenient for people with only one device.

How is everything they touch such a mess? :joy:
I’m curious what they will say about the performance of “We’ve changed.NOW IT’S YOUR TURN NEXT”. It has the most potential for hidden ESSENCE.

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They seemingly dropped by (or got told by their stans).

People now can ask questions via Instastories (don’t know, if they’ll come up with this elsewhere, too).

(just in case the text ain’t readable in the pic, here’s it is, I’m just not good at phrasing translations:


That´s what happens when you don´t get a decent manager or PR person, to be fair I don´t think they have enough money to do so. At least they´re trying tho lmao

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I really hope someone just straight up asks them why.


Can we take the chance to beg them to put a goddamn bassist to the line-up please? or at least to record an actual bass on the new songs haha :sweat:


I wanna hear how is the essence doing for them.


I was just watching the IG Live, it’s just them listening to the performance while a answering the IG live comments. They weren’t answering any comment/question in English (and if they did it didn’t sound like English) so I decided to leave since I had no idea what they were talking about, they seemed to be having fun tho, so that’s good for them I guess lol