Dimlim to hold live-stream on youtube premium

Dimlim will hold a live-streaming on youtube premium on 2021.1.9

Youtube premium can be free for a week if you take the trial.

Notice : Cool to hear from them, I wonder what songs they will play.


Am I the only one who find their latest video a bit cringe? I mean this live looks nice but all the words at the end… I don’t know.

I don’t even mind the words but I think the whole idea is so typical. Instead of aiming for a big crowd of people watching it and donating, if they have the money and are willing to they just come up with that YouTube premium stuff. Do they even get anything out of this or is it just YouTube profiting from this?

Color me excited.

I know a lot of people don’t like DIMLIM anymore after MISC but I enjoy nu-DIMILIM. Like a lot.


Oh, yeah, the album was okay overall, it’s still good. It’s just the videos they made about the essence that I found weird. And I agree with @Kuro they could of choose another template and another method. The only thing is that they kinda went silence after MISC. I want to hear more songs from them with that style. I’m curious to see where they will go. I wasn’t on the hype-train from Chedora, and I’m not mad about their change of style like a lot of people are. I think they have potential, I think they are searching their own style. :slight_smile: