DIR EN GREY - カムイ (Kamuy) | Bass Cover

So I gave myself the assignment to complete a cover video for a song on Phalaris within a week after release. I barely made it haha. I immediately felt like Kamuy was the one I’d wanted to cover. The atmosphere and flow of the song is just great.

The bass part itself isn’t so spicy (in terms of viewers interest) so I tried to make up for it with creating a visually pleasing video, taking inspiration from the guys themselves.

Any advice, critique and recommendations are welcome. Hope you guys like it!


Awesome work! Great idea to have more going on with the video, it really works.

I’m very jealous that you got this out so fast(and also crazy jealous of that bass guitar :heart:) ! How did you manage to work out the bass track from the song?


Thank you for your kind words!

I used a program called “RipX” which divides bass, guitars, vocals and percussion into different tracks. That way I can isolate the bass track (or just make it louder) and it makes working out the bass tab much easier. You can hear quite well what the bass is playing within this song so it wasn’t too necessary, but this program is great for the parts where the bass falls behind in the mix.

(Also, I made that bass guitar myself :innocent:)


Ah nice! Thanks for the tip! :blush:

Oh wow, that’s amazing!! Nice work! :open_mouth:

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You’re welcome!

And thank you :grin: