Exciting and emotional COAST 2DAYS LIVE footage to be released as the next live Blu-ray & DVD

The footage from DIR EN GREY’s 2DAYS LIVE “THE FINAL DAYS OF STUDIO COAST” at STUDIO COAST venue, which closed for good in January 2022, is going to be released as the next live Blu-ray & DVD.

Playing at STUDIO COAST for the first time back in 2004 (and a total of 71 more gigs there in the subsequent years), DIR EN GREY wanted to make a very special last 2-day performance by giving their all once again in order to treasure all the good memories created so many times before at this venue by both the band and the fans.

Everyone could feel the excitement from the very beginning until the moment the last music note faded into the air at this live house which had become something very similar to a home for everyone, with the band holding very strong feelings of gratitude and respect and the fans fully enjoying the performance even when they couldn’t go as savage as always because of the situation the world is going through right now.

It is because it was a 2-days performance full of countless exciting and emotional moments at STUDIO COAST that we would like everyone to enjoy the performances just as they were, without even one cut or edition on them.



Very interesting setlists for both days.


shame that half the set is the same but still its always good to get more live performances from these guys for me.

im curious about the bonus dvd. i wonder if we will ever get that Jealous performance…

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Smashing that pre-order button

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ooof everything they put out is a small fortune anymore

Rather anything that involves Kyo

With you on that one! Gotta agree that itd have been nicer if the setlists for both days were completely unique but theyre both great setlists so screw it, im down with it. I kinda hope the bonus disc is a sort of documentation of their history at the venue. I know it seems specific… but it could be interesting to hear about all the experiences theyve had with shows their from their first to the last.

Kyo will just say “I don’t remember playing here” lmao

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Completely missed this. Ordered along with Petit Brabancon’s album.

god save the poor souls who actually attended these shows and had to sit through ~11 minutes of sustain the untruth between two days

(that said, there’s like a 70% chance kyo n friends still get my money on this in the end)




Bonus tracks are just different angles of performances from the main disc? Disappointing.
Solo angles may be amusing. IDK.

Hope the Behind the Scenes footage will be NOT BORING, and also a decent length + possibly subtitled for us EN morons.

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This was my reaction too. Just… that’s it? I was hoping maybe some music videos or maybe even some PHALARIS songs live (though I knew that second one was very very unlikely to happen). It’s just really not much of a bonus…

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They could record themselves in the studio doing rough one-shot acoustic takes of songs from any album. Doesn’t even need to be polished. It’d take them no more than an hour maximum.

Solo camera angles are abysmally lazy. It’s just the footage from one camera (and not even new footage or audio). Might be vaguely interesting to watch once and then never again unless you really get your rocks off jerking it to your husbandobandoman.

I’m not writing it off yet because there is that Behind the Scenes feature which could be a documentary. Besides that, this is a zero-effort bonus disc.


I’d re-watch the Toshiya and Die ones for helping me learn those songs, but from ones I’ve seen before they’re still doing multiple camera cuts just only between cameras on that one member. So it’s still very disorienting to try and lock in and see what they’re doing with their hands.

I’d love some raw acoustic takes, or even just unpolished electric ones. I might be in the minority? But I adore the one-shot recordings, especially Shokubeni and Un Deux (though I could do with less obvious sample replacement for the drum shells on the latter).

But you’re right. This just comes off as lazy. Especially after the bonus disc on PHALARIS was just those two remakes :frowning:


Aren’t those bonuses a usual thing for their concert dvds?


└ 孤独に死す、故に孤独。

and also…

DIFFERENT SENSE (Unplugged Ver.)
AMON (Crossover Ver.)
「欲巣にDREAMBOX」あるいは成熟の理念と冷たい雨 (Crossover Ver.)
獣慾 (Unplugged Ver.)
滴る朦朧 (Experimental Remix by Yutaka Aoki [downy])
LOTUS (Symphonic Ver.)
DIABOLOS (Symphonic Ver.)
暁 (Symphonic Ver.)
激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (Symphonic Ver.)
流転の塔 (Acoustic Ver.)

ARCHE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN had something similar.
No bonus CD this time with exclusive tracks. Seems like maybe no documentary either.
Big difference.


And they charge the same for Blu-Ray edition, even though it has less, huh.
Well, that’s not… nice.

I guess it would be nice to have that Tour Desperate footage (where Kyo has Ghoul make-up and Kaoru does good Sweeney Todd impression) as a bonus at least.

Got my copy earlier ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ last week! Probably will post this late, since I’m trying to have a full opinion (but don’t want to lose the thoughts). I’ll put things under cuts so that it doesn’t take up too much space (I’m not a concise writer :sweat_smile:), and also to keep stuff organized into their own bits.

Set 1 thoughts

Super sick to see GDS into The IIID Empire as a non-Mode of Vulgar set opening. I don’t love the recording of the new version of Vestige, but that’s really only a production issue for me - the differences in the arrangement itself I really like, and this is a great performance of it. The new T.D.F.F. sounds sick live too. The performances of Aka into Oboro here are also really powerful and viscerally energetic. I wish THIS is what they sounded like on TIW and Phalaris, especially with Kyo becoming just fully unhinged.

The band is in pretty top form here overall. Die and Kaoru are on point, though there are a few spots where I can tell they aren’t perfectly in-tune with each other (unison riff in The IIID Empire, intro of Hageshisa). I think it’s only on their low strings, which might mean they’re both actually technically in tune, but they’re hitting the strings with different amounts of force. With Kaoru’s nerve issues, it would make sense that he’s not as heavy-handed of a rhythm player anymore, but Die’s hand is always moving with what looks like a fair amount of force, and he could be making the open low string go sharp a little bit as a result. Shinya is doing a great job too, we’d never know it from his face but he’s tight enough throughout that it feels like he cared about this gig going well. Toshiya, as always, comes off as the most rehearsed member of the band, as well as a good deal of energy when it counts.

Kyo is sounding great here. His clean singing is in pretty top form, and his mid-screams and gutturals have more support behind them than the RockMayKan set. Definitely a little thinner than his absolute prime, but still very good. His highs and shrieks however still seem raspy and weak, and I do worry how long he can sustain his voice while doing them.

Set Highlights -
GDS/IIID Empire, audience KILLER LOOP, Aka, Oboro, Ningen wo Kaburu, CLEVER SLEAZOID, C, REIKETSU NARISEBA

Set 2 thoughts

I have to admit: while I first head the band with Vulgar and Wtd, it was the release of Uroboros that really grabbed me, and so I’m one of those fans that always goes crazy for for anything off of it. So I was VERY stoked to see that day 2 opened with Sa Bir into Vinushka, and I was not disappointed by it at all. While the Androgynos performance is still my favorite (it simply feels better for some reason), this is still one of the top examples of how this song should sound like, at least for me. Kyo’s high screams here even sound better than most of the first night, which is pretty insane to me.
Even better though, Kyo doesn’t waste all of his energy on making Vinushka as good as it is on his part. His shrieks go back to sounding as thin as they did the day before, but otherwise he keeps holding steady for the first half of the set.

Aka and Oboro sound just as powerful and visceral here as they do in the first set. Oboro might hit even a bit harder here. I really didn’t care for Aka or Ranunculus when TiW first came out, and it wasn’t until I saw them in NYC on the North American tour that either of those songs truly clicked for me. Similarly, I didn’t love Oboro when the single was released and I found it’s placement and different mix on Phalaris to make me like it even less. The way it’s presented in these shows however really convinces me of the purpose of the song and draws me in. It might be one of my favorite pseudo-ballads of theirs, at least live.

Maybe I’m just not remembering, or maybe I was just a bit too intoxicated, but I don’t remember a proper Inward Scream on day 1. This one here on day 2 is, honestly, pretty average overall, and the cut to full silence right before the opening riser synth of The Final is a little jarring. If they’d jumped from Oboro straight into The Final I think that would’ve worked a bit better, to be honest.

T.D.F.F. shows the whole band having fun, but it’s also where Kyo starts to lose just a bit of steam, I think. Then for most of Utafumi he just seems tired, and it’s a good thing he gets a few minutes to breathe before jumping into Child Prey and the rest of the encore set, where he seems mostly fine. Rastetsukoku is absolutely vicous, and this performance of Sustain the Untruth is probably one of his best.

Ending on Kodou is, for me at least, really special. The first time I saw the band as in Baltimore during the DSS cycle, and they opened the encore set with it, and it has long been my favorite song from Wtd. Others will likely feel different, but I felt it was a perfect song to be the last one ever played at the venue.

Now, some stuff for the audio nerds like me

"Production thoughts

Overall, everything sounds great. The drums and bass are full and powerful, the guitars are wide and thick and BIG, and Kyo’s voice tonally is sounding great. The background vocals aren’t as buried in the mix as they often are, which is a nice touch.

I continue to be irked by whatever snare sample it is that is being triggered from Shinya’s kit. It has almost no dynamics to it when he does snare rolls, and personally I think it’s overly bright. And there’s times in the day 1 set where I felt the dirty rhythm guitar tones were way way too dry sounding. I believe the boys are using Kemper or Axe-FX live these days, instead of real amps. It makes sense that their rhythm tones would be bone-dry, so as to not have it get mushy when tossed into the venue’s natural reverb. But it would have been an easy thing to add just a little bit to the guitars in post-production for the DVD release!

But that said, the guitar tones are still pretty good overall. And I’m in love with the softer kick sound here than on a lot of previous live releases. Honestly, my BIGGEST gripe, is that I wish there had been more audience noise mixed in to the final release.

The performances seem relatively unedited. It would be easy to go and re-track guitar and bass parts after, since they’re all recorded direct, but there’s signs throughout that they weren’t. The biggest sign to me is the breakdown of Vinushka - where normally the guitars do two triplet chugs on the open strings, Kaoru only hits one or or two chugs each while Die does the full triplet. I suspect this is another symptom of Kaoru’s nerve damage, where that kind of motion is hard to sustain over the course of the entire breakdown with the tension one has in their body in a live scenario. But rather than replace it in the studio afterward, they just left it in there, along with the other minuscule imperfections. I’m sure there was some light editing on the back-end, but at least it seems like nothing was wholly re-recorded after the fact.

While I do wish there had been a few older cuts (and no, the 2011 version of Rasetsukoku doesn’t count), overall these were pretty good setlists, and watching the shows was a really gratifying experience. Glad I picked up a copy :slight_smile:


So nice to read longer thoughts on it. Totally agree on Rastetsukoku – glorious, and definitely preferred Oboro day 2 to day 1. I’m generally very happy with both days, not without issues but the whole thing is a really solid job.