DIR EN GREY new live Blu-ray/DVD "25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________" and LP album "PHALARIS" release

PHALARIS LP announced :open_mouth:

Live footage 『25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________』 & LP Album 『PHALARIS』 to be simultaneously released on July 5th!

2023.04.24 NEW RELEASE

The new live footage 『25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________』 and the LP Album 『PHALARIS』 are going to be released on July 5th, 2023!

『25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________』 includes the live footage of the Nov. 8th and 9th Zepp Haneda shows from the DIR EN GREY’s 25th Anniversary celebration tour. The First Press Limited Version includes a bonus footage from the SHINJUKU BLAZE concert that allowed the audience to rise its voice out again.
『PHALARIS』 will be the first analog record to be on general distribution by DIR EN GREY. This work, for which members meticulously chose the design and packaging, is going to be released as a 2 discs 180g vinyl.

※Pre-orders to gradually start at the at participating stores and online shops.

LIVE Blu-ray & DVD
『25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________』
2023.7.5 RELEASE


2023.7.5 RELEASE


OOOOOOOOOO I wonder if there will be any treats that come with it :open_mouth:

holy shit

Oh it’s literally just the standard issue of the album, no bonus content, doesn’t even have the re-recordings from the deluxe edition of the CD release :confused:

A good quality pressing of the standard album is what I want above anything else tbh. I would be annoyed if they sacrificed record space for those two remakes lol


It’s not so much that I want them to have the two remakes (I’m not even a big fan of these particular two for real), I just… If you’re pressing an LP version of an album and (likely) going to charge a premium for it, I’d like to extras of some kind. Whether it be an extra CD with some outtakes or something (like the bonus tracks from Uroboros) or even a DVD/Blu-Ray with some live footage that hasn’t been released before. Just SOMETHING

It would probably be ¥10-15k at that point instead of ¥6k. I typically don’t expect bonuses from LPs that aren’t big box sets, so I’m sold on this one - to each their own, though. It is a year old album, so I wouldn’t be so excited if I wasn’t a big fan of it


That’s fair. I do LOVE the album but just don’t want to spend 45USD + shipping for another copy of an album I already own both the standard and limited versions of if it doesn’t come with some extras haha

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They don’t remember releasing Uroboros, DUM SPIRO SPERO and The world of mercy on vinyl? lol

Those were Deluxe/Live limited release only, no?

I have the Dum Spiro Spero LP that I bought off of CD Japan, so. Idk?

ETA: ahhh yeah but I think it’s a deluxe edition release, no standard edition of DSS LP

It’s strange, isn’t it? In Japanese as well. This is the limited deluxe LP of an album, same as UROBOROS and DSS LP. So not sure what made them think it’s the first…

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The bonus with the vinyl edition is it comes with not one, but two frisbees.


I believe they’re referring to distribution rights. Aside from the super-duper bonus edition Uroboros/DSS box sets, the other vinyl releases were distributed as partnerships with regional The End Records and Okami Records. This time it should be coming straight from sun krad.

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Unfortunately the economics of vinyl production, post pandemic with supply / manufacturing increases, is really dictating the price here. This price isn’t even premium anymore. 10 or 20 years ago a newly pressed record might be $10-15. Each LP is now easily about $20-35 each now depending on the label / artist.

Also a single vinyl can only hold 20-25 minutes per side.
This album without bonus tracks is 53 minutes so it really necessitates 2 LPs.

Not to mention that the inner area doesn’t really reproduce heavier frequencies all that well. Many bands making albums during the vinyl era often used a quiet / slow song for the end of each side to compensate. Having less songs on each side allows the pressed music to stay farther away from the inner label.

The two bonus tracks would’ve pushed this release to 3LPs with only one side being needed so it makes sense not to include them.

Overall, the hope is that this album will be newly mastered for vinyl and have more dynamic range than the CD version. That in itself is worth the price of admission.


Lots of good info here. However, this set 100% could’ve included the bonus tracks and still had space left over.

The LP we’re getting
1A: Schadenfreude, Oboro: 13:57
1B: The Perfume of Sins, 13, Utsutsu: 11:30
2A: Ochita, Mouai, Hibiki, Eddie: 13:00
2B: Otogi, Kamuy: 15:14

The LP that could have been
1A: Schadenfreude, Oboro, The Perfume of Sins: 18:15
1B: 13, Utsutsu, Ochita, Mouai, Hibiki: 17:20
2A: Eddie, Otogi, Kamuy: 18:06
2B: mazohyst, aatd: 12:52

Pre-orders are already up on CDJapan

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To be perfectly honest, I’m glad the vinyl has no bonus because this means I don’t have to buy it. But it really could’ve had the two previously released remakes to keep everyone happy.

And I’m glad it’s standard so the sound quality won’t be at all compromised - I feel so catered to!

Uncertain how to feel about the new Blu ray. The limited version feels like a cash grab, especially that short bonus disc which only includes songs already in the main set (one being GDS; just tape playback). On the other hand, the setlist seems very solid indeed.

Standard Edition buyers miss out on Obscure, Oboro, 13, Kodoku, and Merciless Cult.