Phalaris for Busy People


Listen to this version and see this’ll change your mind.

And I think TWOM in place of Schadenfreude works better in terms of quality. But I can’t lie, I also like the idea of TWOM being it’s own separate entity. I’m happy they didn’t repeat the same misstep with RINKAKU. That too was it’s own beast that didn’t work well within ARCHE.

I’ll also take a stab at these rearranged playlists and see if that changes things. Thanks @EvilHippy & @zeus


The vocal separation on that edit is absolutely terrible.

I took a serious listen to PHALARIS in its entirety this week. One thing that came to mind while listening is that I’ve become quite bored of the ultra-downtuned guitars. I was already sick of this sound by the time DSS was released. It gives a really muddy, flat feel to the guitar tone that ultimately makes the songs feel weak and weirdly empty.

Negativity aside, for me this album was a huge step up from TIW if only because it doesn’t sound like the band is actively trying to destroy my hearing. It’s definitely mediocre for DEG though, with many of the tracks being somewhat forgettable.


Have listened to the album a bunch of times and not really got amy complaints. Very solid stuff and overall pretty interesting songs, there is plenty of variety throughout and some really catchy stuff. Various parts do have a habit of popping into my head randomly. Definitely a nice continuation of the darker vibe from ARCHE which apart from a few songs was almost entirely absent on TIW. Personally i just feel these guys constantly are out doing themselves and producing really good stuff after all these years so look forward to seeing what comes next.