DIR EN GREY - The Devil In Me


Hey, I loved that snipped. The mix sound miles better than the tower records one, and I heard it on my telephone speaker

this song is like sustain the untruth if it wasn’t complete ass


Devil sounds good, and I actually like Yokan.

I hate Cage. The modern production is not working for that one at all.

They should release an updated version of GAUZE, call it GAUZE++, and do recordings of the remaining few tracks that they haven’t gotten to. Optionally, re-record Tsumi to Batsu since the dirge version won’t fix contextually in such a release. But man, these B-sides are fantastic. They’re really nailing these remakes. Sometimes when they go out on a limb the result is less than stellar, but by sticking to the formula and elevating already good melodies we end up with successful remakes where the differences still make it distinguishable from the originals. It gives you a reason to listen to them again. I might like the remakes more than the actual single.

I think the reason why I like specifically these reinterpertations so much is because I’ve been a fan through a long, long period of time where this band just didn’t acknowledge these songs as real. Wouldn’t play them live, wouldn’t sell them abroad when they were popping off (still won’t do it now), and they spent a long time pretending that these albums didn’t exist. To see them do an about face, and not only acknowledge these songs but play them again…man that makes a 1999 Dir en grey fan very, very happy.

Gotta agree with @Missa on this one as well. From the PV whose aesthetic is “AI diarrhea dipped in Pepto-Bismol”, to the album cover that features even more pink, it’s hard to not draw a comparison to Sustain the Untruth. I think I like this song, but I need more time to digest as I haven’t had the luxury of two decades of time like the other song has. Definitely like it more than StU.

Not a bad single, but the first single in a release pattern after the album tends to be very different than what the rest of the era will bring, so no real judgements about the future yet from me.


As an STU enjoyer, I’m looking foward to STU2

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So when are we getting that Schweinの椅子 remake?


The Devil In Me’s got a great vibe. definitely feeling it



I really hate the production. I really hate the new song. There’s almost no groove, just Kyo word vomiting over the music. I hate the remakes – They sound so sterile, and lifeless.

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I’m love with the Bass focus in the mix of R!Cage, this always was Toshiya’s song and it’s nice he is on the spotlight. I never cared much for Yokan, but R!Yokan is quite nice

I’m very much happy that I bought this one


The drum mix is so awkward for Cage. It sounds like Shinya is fumbling all over the snare. And it’s so LOUD.


They could’ve called Yoshiki back to do production, just saying…


the devussy in mussy sounds too close to a MOAB song for my liking but the chorus I dig

og yokan is one of gauze tracks I never skipped, and I love its beautiful tame video along with 304 ghns the most out of the album PV collection, so this will get a good number of plays this time, too

next single = 2 new remakes? 3 new remakes if they’re treating us?


The Devil in Me - yep, that intro is an intro, have no opinions about it. I definitely appreciate instruments being louder than Kyo, ngl. Starts pretty slow and unremarkable. First clean vocals sound…well, not underwater~y, but they are mixed weirdly (notice the pattern?). Okay, wasn’t expecting this bridge before the chorus (and, again, those multi-Kyos are mixed weirdly). Definitely like the chorus (smth about those higher vocals that serve as another background instrument, imo). But overall? Can’t say I’m that much impressed. Feels repetitev/samey, maybe even safe. Definitely need to relisten. Also lol’d at how this song is basically 4:08 long and you just have several seconds of silence at the end.

Cage - yep, definitely appreciate this “Guitar screeching from an old TV” intro. DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS OF COURSE I CAN HEAR DRUMS. Guitars are definitely dumbed down, I miss some agressive guitarring before the chorus. BASS SOLO WAS UNTOUCHED, THANK YOU. Don’t like Kyo’s exhaling vocals during the bridge, where’s the drama? At least chorus is mostly untouched, thank you.

Yokan - okay, do like that clean guitar effect after the 1st verse, sounds all magical and cute. For some fucking reason it feels like Die and Kaoru take turn in playing guitars instead of playing together. Solo wasn’t ruined (and I do like the effect they applied). Chorus is good. Oh, and they shortened the outro. Sure.

Not sure if Дебил ин ме is the best song to pair with these re-recordings (especially if they gonna play it live during the upcoming Psychonnect tour). Gonna be re-listening it a lot just to see if it clicks or nah (because it didn’t leave a lasting impression that much).

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i really like the devil in me, but i just don’t get the point of these remakes and the ones on 1999whatever. it just feels like they did the bare minimum to be able to play them with their most used guitars/tunings and make kyo change a few lyrics. wish they were like the ones on the unraveling, 2013 karasu is one of their most interesting songs in my opinion.


The whole single is up on youtube now. Really tight release, The Devil In Me is growing on me fast. The remakes stick pretty close to the originals, but all the changes are positive imo.

Excited. My copy, along with Deadman’s new album, Buck-Tick’s last live DVD, and the 199901whatever single are all going to arrive in the next hour or two. :exploding_head:


Unfortunately, it’s region time locked. Will only be available here in 11 hours :melting_face::melting_face::melting_face:


idk if im being finicky but why is the guitar so loud?? vocals need up especially on yokan, that’s a federal crime