DIR EN GREY to release a GAUZE LP and a PHALARIS tours DVD/Blu-ray, roadshow of the Berlin lives to be held in Autumn

DIR EN GREY have just announced the release of a GAUZE LP and a video covering the PHALARIS tours.

They have also announced that a feature film on the Berlin tour final in March will be shown in theaters during a roadshow in Autumn 2024.

More details TBA.



Wow i would love to see the berlin stuff… I wonder if this will be released later online or as DVD …

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Finally, a GAUZE LP.

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That doesn’t cost $500+ dollars

And doesn’t have only 100 copies.

Goodbye, all of my money

I would sell my left nut for a Gauze LP lol bye left nut!


So thats why all these Gauze rerecordings popped up lately… Building hype the vinyl release??? Look forward to the dvd anyway, should be some good stuff hopefully! Wondering if this is going to be more documentary style or a handful of clips of a handful of the shows.

This band don’t miss

25th year anniversary since GAUZE release!


they decided to commemorate this 25th dubut anniversary year with a bang

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Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s all just milking nostalgia, I don’t think any one thing was leading to another.

That said, this nostalgia will absolutely milk some money out of me.


I still kind of want the GAUZE towel…


Speaking of which, are the leftover tour goods up anywhere? I really wanted that Withering shirt; that design is just tasteful.

ah yes, on neotokyo: Neo Tokyo Manga Anime K-Pop J-Rock Shop & Versand Suchergebnisse für "tour24"

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It would’ve been extra sweet if they’d put out a Missa vinyl along with Gauze! Will never happen but I can dream

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30 year MISSA anniversary is in three years and counting. Don’t give up hope just yet.

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They played the entire GAUZE album on the opening night of the new tour:

Hope they mix it up; not a big fan of the 1st album (blasphemy!) when they have so much richer material. And cos I’m attending the 2 tour finals in Tokyo haha


I gotta ask…is that the 1998 or the 2013 version of UDL?