DIR EN GREY to release fanclub-limited "TOUR23 PHALARIS -Vol.II- 「a knot」LIMITED 25TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE" DVD/BR in October

It will include the May 5, 2023, live. And you know what that means :>

Update: https://direngrey.co.jp/lang_en/news/4409/

●15th 「a knot」 LIMITED Blu-ray & DVD
1 disc (Blu-ray) SK-036-D ¥7,000 (tax out)
1 disc (DVD) SK-037-D ¥6,500 (tax out)
Manufactured by FW
Distributed by FW


Setlist, btw: DIR EN GREY Concert Setlist at KBS Hall, Kyoto on May 5, 2023 | setlist.fm

Mouai ni Shosu
Devote My Life
Utsutsu, Bouga o Kurau
Ningen o Kaburu
Gaika, Chinmoku ga Nemuru Koro
The Perfume of Sins

JEALOUS (First time live since 2004)
Sangeki no Yoru (First time since 2001)
Sustain the untruth

Encore 2:
Un deux


No -I’ll-, no care.


-I’ll- was their second single. (Toriko is superior.)

Only weird thing is the lack of Unknown・・・Despair・・・a Lost original version.
Setlist is pretty great, though; just seems a missed opportunity.

When they remake a song, they very rarely play the original version again. It has only happened with four songs, so far:

MACABRE -揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹-

Also, 蜜と唾 is the only remake that was performed at the same live as the original version.


Do you remember which gig this was?

2014 Gauze tour
There were several gigs that had two Tsumi to Batsu, heres one of them

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Was that still a silent crowd show?

Those have been so underwhelming

Hold on, is it just my eyes or cant i see kamui anywhere in there??? :confused:

  • It still confuses me to this day why The Insulated World never had a direct DVD release where they play the album in full. I know every dvd since has contained songs from it but just surprised tours around that time never got a show release. Also I know it was kinda around covid times but when I saw them in London im pretty sure they played the whole thing so am sure they must have at other shows too.

They have yet to perform it live.

Pia MM final gigs were cancelled due to Covid, so those are out of question. To be fair, those setlists sucked.

They could have used This Way to Self-Destruction gig… but the one they added on Ochita’s DVD has a similar setlist to the no audience gig they’ve ALSO added on Ochita’s DVD. That DVD was redundant as fuck.

The only song they still have to release on DVD is Celebrate Empty Howls, and, apart from Phalaris Vol.1 tour, they haven’t played it much. Not sure if we gonna even see it at all.

Yeah, when I saw them in NYC during that tour cycle they played the entire album (not in order), with Saku and Merciless Cult thrown in as the throwbacks, + The World of Mercy. There’s only one song from the album that I can’t find a quality live recording for, meaning I’m forever one song away from having a playlist of live versions of their setlist from that night :frowning:


They messed up the catalogue numbers…

1枚組 (Blu-ray) SK-036-D ¥7,000 (tax out)
1枚組 (DVD) SK-037-D ¥6,500 (tax out)

this is the BR, and the DVD has 037 already…

oh man :smiley:

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I dont normally go for proxy stuff, but this I would order in a shot.

anyone know a good proxy to get this?

Is it even available to order yet? I havent checked tbh as is ages until it’s released.

Yes, pre-ordering started one or two days ago.

I sent a proxy req to cdjapan to see if they can get it but i doubt it

as expected cdjapan said no.

anyone know any other that will?

Tenso.com is the way to go. Once you sign up with them and get a Japanese address, you can sign up for a knot and pre-order the blu-ray. An a knot annual membership is about $55 USD, and the blu-ray is about $60 USD.

But, once the blu-ray arrives at Tenso, you’ll have to pay an additional cost to get it shipped to you. I typically pay for the good shit, Fedex or EMS, and it gets to me within a week. Usually costs between $25 - 50 depending on what’s shipping.

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