It’s been three years since TiW, but that’s only a long time by VK standards. Western bands wait years between albums all the time and no one really bats an eye.

Tool is just a meme at this point.

Happened upon this picture while going through my phone today, it was a blessed occurrence


And the tour is finished.


And no new song announcement, nothing… meh.

I wonder if Kyo is phasing out the clown persona after the train-Joker incident.

I feel like that’s okay though? They’re probably going to pause for a little bit to rest and relax and then they’ll be back at it.

True… feels like I should’ve learnt my lesson of “wanting new music only to be disappointed” by now lol

oh well, SALUS can’t come soon enough

welp, that didn’t age well


I hope that’ll be enough for everyone who wants a more prog album from them.


FYI this effect is really easy to create. The software is called Paulstretch. Once you’ve loaded in audio, it’s only one or two clicks to generate the new file in seconds.

Because its sound is so recognisable, I try to never use it for anything.


Rubbish Heap looks great. Not keen on karasu, but would have been a shocker to top the version off the tiw dvd. Toshiya looks lovely; Die looks bored.

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Do we think that any of these full shows, like Sogai or this Zepp Haneda show, will get released as DVD/BluRays?

The Zepp Haneda show will be broadcasted on WOWOW on December 29

As for any DVD/Blu-ray release we probably have to wait for it to be announced with the next single or album

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Huh. Weirdly enough, Wowow mentiones different Zepp Haneda show (10/26 one)

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Ooooooooo thank you for letting me know! Since that’s a Saturday I’ll likely try and catch it (timing is weird for me being over in the US but very much something I wanna see)

Edit: Wait no I was looking at January, Dec 29 is a Wednesday noooooo :’(

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I’m kinda surprised but I like the setlist from 26th so I’m cool with that

Idk what Kyo was wearing that day but it better be some bombtastic shit like the doll makeups he was showing off on his ig

There’s a chance someone’ll screen record the whole show, that’s often the case with streams and such

That’s actually my plan haha
I have a Hauppauge and a plethora of audio recording equipment, and an compulsion to collect every live performance I can from the band



such as?