Yes, be careful what you wish for. Modern Deg would absolutely Sustain the Untruth for 20 minutes as an encore set.

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That was my prediction of TWOM on MH.
Now I regret speaking about STU with eight choruses.

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Yes, that’s the idea! I am excited for their new album!
Hope they will announce something soon!

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Y’know as cash-grabby as they are, the ambient collections they did are actually quite nice. I’m trying to get into reading again and those releases are perfect background noise - Kyo’s gonna be able to buy so many VBucks purely from streaming revenue by the time I get tired of these.


In case anyone wants to have a checklist for their collection or whatever. I made a complete master list of DEG-related releases:

It’s also on the wiki, with a little more explanation:



Video of Shinya definitely not covering Glass Skin

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why not?

Literally just finished watching it. I’ve always loved the cymbal work in the chorus but could never figure out what the sticking was. Nice to finally see it in full detail.

Mostly referring to this post.

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At least there’s mics up this time. I could actually buy that this is a somewhat processed recording of him in the room. Those cymbals have a decent amount of midrange that wasn’t cleaned out, and that kick actually sounds like a live kick (though treated with a decent amount of compression and with some verb added). And the snare doesn’t sound anything like the snare from the single version of the song or the Remastered + Expanded version of Uroboros, so it’s definitely not just the album/single’s drum tracks made louder.

Idk. Could actually be a playthrough this time haha