Watched The Final Days of Studio Coast Blu Ray this week. Some observations:

Kaoru is usually the most boring person on-stage. Serious, expressionless, and doesn’t move much. But it’s clear here how much he loves Sustain the untruth. On both nights, he’s clearly having a whale of a time during that song (and the whole encore really), even doing WoWoWoW motions with his mouth along with the dubsteppy wah pedal action.

It’s interesting that they acknowledge a connection between Fukai and Ochita by placing them back-to-back. The riffs are very similar.

Disappointingly, the set is almost the same for both nights. It would’ve worked much better if they’d switched out a few. For example, Aka for Followers, Hageshisa with Gaika, maybe Fukai with Wake, Saku with Beautiful Dirt, etc.
The band is at peak performance. Die’s vocals during CHILD PREY are strong. Everyone sounds great… but they’re not using their enormous discography to its fullest, and that kinda sucks.

Sajou no Uta was a surprise. This might be the best they’ve ever performed the song.

One question. During the breakdown of Ochita, there’s a filter over all the instruments except Kyo. To anyone who’s heard the song live, is this done on the soundboard, or is it post-production?


MADARANINGEN and DIR EN GREY went from producing their clothes in Japan to raising the prices and producing them in China where it’s cheaper for them. :roll_eyes:

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Sus Picious definitely didn’t aged well lol

Well now I’m just imagining Sid Vicious Amogus.


Props to their post-production/mastering team!

Yeah they’re cool shows and quality is peak but totally agree it would’ve been nicer for more varied setlists. Get out more of those bangers. Haha

Yeah, they did a good job too.

The band has been solid live for the past few years. Haven’t heard anything as atrocious as the Ratio ducat, non fortuna debacle for ages. Kyo’s voice was so destroyed, I actually thought they’d have to break up after that. Thank goodness the surgery went well. They’ve sounded fantastic both when I’ve seen them live and on the Blu-rays since.

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