diverse effect in Doppelgänger will resume activities + 2 new members + 6-month consecutive singles release

diverse effect in Doppelgänger will resume activities in January with 2 new members, gt.維乃 and gt.慶.
6-month consecutive singles will be released. The first single “swim” will be released on 2021/01/11.

“diverse effect in Doppelgänger” members:
vo.ハルタ コウヘイ(Haruta Kouhei) (ex.La’skull)
gt.維乃(Ino) (ex.Crowsy’eye)
gt.慶(Kei) (ex.La’skull)
ba.リョヲスケ(Ryosuke) (ex.La’skull)
dr.龍也(Tatsuya) (ex.ダリ(Dali))


That certainly is a look …

Vo looks like Yoshiatsu from DADAROMA

Cant wait to see what this will be. They have a interesting sound.

Terrible aliasing on those random white lines. Would’ve been fine without them. Everything about it screams “bad Photoshop”.

I do like that red plague doctor mask. That’s cool.

I want to know what brand of tin can they used to record the audio, and how thick the string was.

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2nd single “フルニトラゼパム(Flunitrazepam)” will be released on 2021/02/16.

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3rd single “雨の音と君の声(Ame no Oto to Kimi no Koe -the sound of rain and your voice- )” has been released on 2021/03/30.

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4th single “ララバイ(Lullaby)” will be released on 2021/04/27.

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What happened to his voice between the 3rd single and 4th? Huh? Im confused.

5th single “ジャパニーズサバイブ デジタルエンドロール(Japanese Survive Digital Endroll)” will be released on 2021/05/31.


6th single “明け方、空虚の先(Akegata, Kuukyo no Saki -Beyond emptiness at dawn- )” has been released on 2021/06/29.

1st Limited Single CD “僕は其の花を摘んで握り潰した/トゥワイライトOSAKA混沌都市” will be released on 2022/01/31.