Do you like vocalists for their "accented vocals" ?

This question is a bit hard to describe in just one short title, but I’ll try to make this more clear if it’s worded badly or anything else. I just don’t know if there is a specific umbrella category that describes what i’m talking about.

So accented vocals are very common in VK, but not at all exclusive to VK.

By accented vocals, I don’t mean language accent. I mean any technique in which the vocal sound (especially taking place during the last note or final notes in a sentence, which is then followed by a pause) is given a very special expression to mark it from other notes.

In VK this accent will typically range from techniques like vibrato, falsetto, shifts in inflection, shift in enunciation and tone, vocal fry, rolled rs, and so on, all of which can be ‘fine-tuned’ however the vocalist wants, showing off the unique personality of the vocalist.

Many singers, seemingly especially in VK, are trained to sing with not just one, but many different varieties of accented vocals.

Yuuri from 9MILLI/Irokui is a nice example of a singer who does heavy accented vocals, but one of many.

You can clearly hear how Yuuri’s vocals are full of long exaggerated vibrato and falsetto notes.

So my question is do you find that how a vocalist performs accented notes has an impact on how much you like their vocals?

I also wanna add that whether you like these kinds of vocals or not, these accented notes serve a very nice purpose in that they are very expressive and show off personality.

But of course some singers might also use these techniques with the intention to sound better or more skillful on top of that.


Of course, I reach to VK whenever I get tired of standard singing methods. When all those techniques are used right and with actual purpose to the context of the song, then the experience is further enhanced.

It is pretty hard to find other genres/scenes where the vocals can be “experimentive” while the song writing remains good. I wouldn’t say VK is the best at it but those bands that do it well are just banging.

I would point out the recording can play in how much I enjoy the vocals though. Your example song is cool and even though the vibes are there, I wouldn’t be able to listen to it on the regular due to the recording of the vocals. The recording makes it sound worse than expected and I can’t tell if that is on purpose or not.

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To me, the overall voice is what makes or breaks a song for me. There needs to be that certain something for my brain to latch onto to make the listening experience enjoyable. Any additional techniques (if done well) are just an added bonus.
That said, excessive vibrato for example is one of those things that I either straight up dislike or I have to take some time to get used to…

It’s really difficult for me to try to explain why I like things, since I’ve never been able to properly figure out the whys or hows in my own head either lmao