Does anyone have tattoos that is of significance?

Panic Channel has always been my go to band. There’s not one single song I dislike. If you go on my Twitter, you can see that I own literally everything they put out, like CDs, photo sets, etc. Im not like those people who say, oh they saved my life, because they didn’t. They influenced me and the way I am today. MEGURU even made me a honarary member.


Doubt anyone has a full body tatao as awesome as Chester from lp or Anthony form rhcp. Sounds like one of those retarded you tubers who always talk about “meaningful tats” Hey I remember a post where a Brazilian guy got a tatao from Japan and said it wrote “god all mighty” when someone in comments actually said it was baka gaijin XD lmfao

I always wanted to do iconic Kon eye with blood tears (from La’Mule) but never had the nerve lol :joy:

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Are you coming for me? Sounds like you are.

It doesnt really hurt. Its like getting stab by ink pens. I fell asleep during a session once because it didnt hurt me lol

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Nah just taking a shot at youtubers yeah my words are aimless best not to pay attention to the outlines

Got this tattoo five years ago. However, due to being a dumbass, I scratched it and now there are some holes with ink missing. Still need to fix it somewhere.

Wanted to have a DEG tattoo, but also to not have it too obvious or too obscure (haha). Kyo’s Ghoul photo felt a perfect option since it could be thought a tattoo of scary face, I guess.


Okay, your wording in your sentence sounded like it was. I can read and write in Japanese, so i think kanji tattoos are kinda meh and not cool looking.

That’s pretty fucking sick. Yeah the fucking itch sucks lmao

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Yeah, itch was annoying. Even more annoying than the process itself (I only felt some pain when needle was close to the inner side of elbow).

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Here it is.