Does anyone know what happened to BIS?

One of the first japanese bands i got into was bis, I think they were active around 2004-2008 then disbanded. In 2010 their bassist committed suicide.

After that I haven’t seen the other members anywhere. I especially wonder what Maru the vocal is doing today. Anyone who knows? Anyone who even knows about them lol?
They are extremely nostalgic to me, makes me remember the good old times :yum:

Found one of my favorites on Youtube - DAYS


Wow they were good! Thanks for sharing.

So: their drummer was Seika from jyakura! Aah​:sob::heart:

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Thanks! Do you know anyhing about Maru the vocal? I cant even find his twitter.

I digged deep and found another PV on youtube. They definately had some interesting ideas:

I think this song became no 1 on the indie charts at the time.


If you can’t find him, that means he returned to a life of normalcy. Musicians usually want to be found.


I remember I asked similar question in the old site a few years ago in a post about albums that turned 10 years old Remarkable J-rock Albums That Turned 10 This Year!!! - 10th Anniversary! - Monochrome Heaven

And the reply I got about the vocalist was:
He wanting to leave the scene was the sole reason of their disbandment, so yeah… he did some acting gigs with satsuki and one pv for fun with a band he was friends with, but that’s basically it.

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I liked their first EP ‘Freestyle Rock ~人生は上々だ~’

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The last info I found is something about he went to see local liveshows, but it was 10 years ago😔

DAYS is one of the greatest songs in the history of 2000s vk, the band itself not so much. Man that feels like an eternity ago.

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Oh so it means he’s working at a convience store or something today :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yeah, going with what everyone else already said about Maru, last I remember, he left the scene, became a salaryman or was working at a bank or smth, he got married and became a father.

I’m thinking the set of friends he worked with for that PV was a lil’ session/project band named TOGA, I believe they were called. He was vox on a cover of SADS’s “忘却の空”/“Boukyaku no sora” with them. Since I last saw it many years ago tho, it’s been deleted from YT and dang-near scrubbed from the internet. Was copyright-claimed, IIRC from the error message. Oh well. Gone but never forgotten.

I always love to sneek back to them.
My favorite song was S.S.I, which is hard to find online, especially when you live in Germany. Type in bis in google and your hits won’t stop cause it’s such a random word. It means till, haha… Which reminds me of how excited bis were, when they had their gig in Cologne. They saw their name everywhere. XD

Yep, 100% accurate. Still have the MV saved on hdd if some of you want it :slight_smile:


I would love that

It’s not indexed on yt due to possible copyright issues, but uploaded on my own private yt channel, so feel free to save it, download it, rip it, whatever you want :slight_smile:


I remember my initial impression that no real voice of Maru can be heard, since it’s all auto tune

Many thanks! I got a kick out of Maru keeping so many of the vkei mannerisms, movements and poses in this PV despite leaving the scene, ha.

I am 99% positive Maru is just acting on this PV, the actual vocalist on the recording is トヲル, ex HOMOSAPIENS and GOA. TOGA was their project after GOA and Maru wasn’t really a member, the pv was just for funsies

I remember this being mentioned on the description back in the days when the band uploaded it on dailymotion