Does Japanese Baddiecore exist?

Let me explain first what Baddiecore is even.

Baddiecore are bands that usually play heavy music but have added so much pop elements into that heavy music that it attracts a mainstream audience, classic examples currently in the West are Bad Omens, Sleep Token and Spiritbox.

Adding some sources here:

Loudwire article about Baddiecore

The Tweet that started the madness
Screenshot 2024-01-06 172443

Some people also call it Cum Metal instead

Gimme your hot takes on what japanese bands could fall into it

(Remember when you start slapping out VK bands, that those bands attract mainstream audience, so people from outside the scene, that wont care or get into it because of that one band)


Hyde’s recent solo work feels like it fits

Also I love this topic. Reminds me of the discourse around mini-van rock. Turn of the century rock music your mom thinks is cool like Matchbox Twenty and Barenaked Ladies.


Oddly enough, this is a bit of a tough one because, by definition, metalcore (loosely) with pop music crossover (up for debate) and sex-appeal (epitome of “thirst-trap”) is pretty much a large chunk of vk’s shtick —minus the normie appeal. Granted, both points tend to solidly apply when band’s go mainstream, since they had to have visual and sonic appeal to break that barrier in the first place. I’m thinking like how Laruku appeals with their frontman, Hyde. Or like Gackt, etc.

Though, to your point (I think), it’s not like most people who’ve heard SID, Nightmare, Hyde, or any anison vk band gets dragged into the rest of the vk scene or identifies as part of such. Is that part of what makes “Baddiecore”? Bringing outsiders into the fray?

If we tone down “thrist-trap”, artists and bandmembers who are also considered “idols” in Japan, I guess, follow that definition?

I think Babymetal could be considered one of them. Maybe Zigzag…

I’m really finding it more of a symptom of an evolving industry than an identifiable “genre”. Sex appeal is subjective. Relegating bands into “Baddiecore” almost comes off gate-keepy and it seems to me, how the article describes it, more like an advertising strategy.

** Now i’m thinking of the term “Butt-Rock” that’s heavy-metal for radio-play. Is this just “Sexy Butt-Rock”… That’s quite the term lmao.


I think this might qualify


If you told me this came out in 2003 I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

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This the type of shit that comes to mind when I see the term “Baddiecore” :joy:


15M views cat :sweat_smile:

now I’m reminded of this gem, lmao


Solid takes

Babymetal have enough men who are thirsty for them too (if that is good or creepy is another thing)

Paledusk, Hanabie, Wagamama Rakia are baddiecore

Its actually the bands that do the exact opposite, a lot of the western bands are gateway bands towards metal, so ZigZag or Babymetal would fit actually perfect into it.

Malice Mizer should be baddiecore too :thinking::joy:

Maybe this could fit the bill as well

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If I could never hear the term “Baddiecore” again thatd be great. Thanks.

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I was hyper fixated on the “Baddie” part of the term. My disappoint is immeasurable when looking at the examples. I legit was expecting actual baddies playing metal.

I don’t think the OP is right though in that the band is putting in pop elements, from that loudwire article it looks like just a label for bands with too many thirsty fans driving the fan base. In which case, this pretty much fits all of VK lmao. There are barely any bands where the majority are men.

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Maybe Nik his explanation will help too XDD

Which OP? I am sorry maybe my screenshots were confusing maybe. the one who coined the term is Craig Reynolds (on the reddit screenshot he is reynlord) and he is drummer from the band Stray From the Path.

I thought that in the beginning too, but is all VK accessible?
A lot of VK bands also use heavy imagery, gore and that stuff, and that makes them less accessible again, which is basically the opposite effect than what those baddiecore bands do, i would say.

need some bleach for the eyes??
others are trying to call it cum metal :joy:


Hahaha at least that name for the “genre” is comical and amusing rather than totally cringe.

This part “metalcore with enough pop music crossover and sex appeal that normie hot people like” This doesn’t necessarily mean the artist is purposely trying to appeal to a popular audience.

Per the video, as well, it is just music that blew up and got popular with like tik-tok with specific types of girls. (Not ones I would consider baddies personally as they look hella alt-rock).

I mean slipknot has heavy imagery too and so is Sleep Token. Metalcore in general is unaccessible by a majority of people, it just sounds loud to them. If sex appeal is a major thing with how the music sounds for a tik-tok video, then VK has plenty of it. Maybe just not enough baddies in Japan making tik-tok videos lol IDK

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